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In a world where the heirs of dragons still live among humans and the Age of Discovery is in full bloom, a group of reformed pirates and a former surgeon are researching a cure for an uncommon disease, in unconventional ways.
  Hislariya is a personal playground and the setting of a series of erotic romance short stories. Expect to find some kinky themes, but also a lot of found family shenanighans, piratey antics and maybe dragons...

What you can expect and a general warning

  The world is aimed at a Mature audience and is tagged as 18+. Though I try to not be graphic in the worldbuilding articles and most of them are SFW, some of them and the majority of stories are not, spanning from domestic romance themes to esplicit scenes.   Many of Hislariya characters were primarily born as a gender identity exploration and expression tool.   As a result, the gender and sexuality of a lot of them are deliberately blurred and while I do tag the relationships according to how the characters perceive themselves, some of this tags might not mean for me the same thing they mean for you. If you think you might be upset by it, I strongly suggest you to read the characters bio before you dive in the story, to have a better idea of what to expect.   Some of the symptoms of dissociation and gender dysphoria are allegorized in some of the descriptions of illness, and compassion fatigue is hinted in at least one of the characters. Please be safe and use caution if these themes are sensitive to you.

Bonus Content

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