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Svajan Sea

The Svajan Sea is the stretch of the Mahas Ocean between Kithanda's western coast and the Varil archipelagus.   Due to the expansion of the naval trades in the past three centuries, its width is crossed by a varied and great number of humanity, some of them employed in legitimate trades, some of them moving war to neighbouring countries, some preying on the trading ships, others being traded by them.   The coasts bordering it are all characterized by an intense volcanic and seismic activity, more pronounced in the Varil Archipelagus that is, for the most part, vulcanic in origin and nature.   The igneous characteristic of the lands around it, made of the Svajan Sea the ideal nesting area for the Draconic species, that in both sides of it prospered and dominated for millennia until the human species took over and drove them away.   Several of the minor islets and reefs bear the signs of the ancient draconic civilization in the form of nesting grottoes and sometimes opulent palaces that rise from the surrounding waters seemingly out of nowhere.   Both the Dragons and the humans found in its rich waters a source of food and of treasure but their travelling in the pursuit of their greed ultimately only serves to ammass more treasure in the sea depths.   Apart from the sapient life forms, several other creatures inhabits its water and the sparse land scattered in it that is too small and remote to be claimed by anybody else.   Tasty fish and curious marine mammals, swift sea birds and lethal jellyfish all can be found within its water, for the joy and the terror of the people who cross it.   Some other creatures are said to inhabit its depths, bigger terrors with fanged mouths that can swallow entire fleet and tentacles that can drag them in their abyssal dens, but the nature of this creatures means that very few claim to have witnessed their fury first hand, and most of the lore surrounding has the credbility of tall tales of half drunk mariners.

The cult of the sea and its treasures

  Thanks to the particular current patterns that flow between the coasts of the Svajan sea, there is abundance of treasures and other objects that the alternating currents wash ashore from one coast to the other.   Scavenging and beachcombing has been a common hobby and sometimes a mean of living for many people on both sides of the sea, and the mean of cultural exchange since way before the humans started travelling by sea.   This gave rise to the myth of the The Sea Dragon, a deification of the sea in the form of a colossal dragon whose hoarded treasure is unlimited and encompasses all that has been and will be created by the world inhabitants.

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