Dragon's skull

I'm sorry, Milady. Master Yarik doesn't allow people to touch that Dragon's skull.
— Tarvan
  At the back of Hottest Spices shop, on one side of the backdoor that leads to the The Spice Caves, there is a 1 meter long reptilan skull, with a pair of spiralled horns that project straight towards the back of the cranium for 20 more centimeters.  

A mysterious creature

unedited by Simo Mereu
Surely they won't allow them to keep a real dragon's skull. It is a hoax to attract foolish people.
— a skeptic
  The size of the horns and the easily visible seal between the cranial bones, reveal that the skull belonged to a juvenile individual, and thus probably to a creature much bigger in their adult form.   Despite the reluctance of Yarik to directly discuss the origins and nature of the artefact, most people, including the other therapists refer to it as the Dragon's skull.   The few knowledgeable people who were able to examine the skull closely, even if they obeyed the polite but firm request of the owner and his collaborators to not touch it, confirmed that it looks like a genuine bone skull and not an elaborate sculpture made of a different material.   Should this be proved true, it would be one of the few dragons skulls in private possession and in public or semi public display.  

A stubbornly kept secret

I tell you it looks real! But I couldn't make him tell where it comes from!
— an undercover researcher
  Upon insistent questioning, Yarik reluctantly confirms that the skull has been in his possession since shortly after his arrival at the Hottest Spices, though he refuses to confirm if it was already part of the possessions of the shop, if it was acquired through the dealings of the The Ferret or if it was found during the excavation for the building of the The Spice Caves.   The skull has been cleaned and polished and it has a shiny white luster all over, with the exception of a brown charring along the left side of the maxilla. The jaw of the creature is completely missing, along with a few teeth on the left side of the upper dental arch. The remaining teeth are still very sharp and their presence is often the excuse used by the therapist to keep the curious away from it.   It is unclear if the other inhabitants of the Hottest Spices know anything about the origins of the skull, but if they do they are as adamantly keeping it secret as its owner.


  By many considered the original inhabitants of Hislariya, this species of sapient reptiles were the custodians of magic around a century ago, when they started to become rarer and rarer until virtually all their interactions with humans ceased.  
Species | Jan 24, 2022

Hottest Spices

  On the slopes of a volcano, a strange individual took possession of an old apothecary shop and transformed it in a centre where the Sensory Stupor is studied and where a lot of affected people head to, hoping for some help.  
Hottest Spices
Building / Landmark | May 13, 2023

An apothecary shop specialized in the stimulation of the senses.

Cover image: by Thom Milkovic


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