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Welcome to the Yonderverse!


A bright and bustling universe, made with love

Explore the endless planets brimming with life in the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.

A warm, glowing light invites you in with open arms. Emerging through the blinding wormhole, you open your eyes and witness the unfolding of a solar system. Your starship rattles as a fleet of cargo ships pass above you, trailing behind flecks of tiny stardust. Shrill voices echo from an asteroid belt not far from where you landed. You can make out several planets orbiting a pair of stars, each one so unique, yet all orbit in harmony. You are here. You are home.

I hope you find joy and comfort in my not-so-little corner of World Anvil <3

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Favorite TV Series

I enjoy a whole host of shows but my 3 comfort shows on constant rotation are:
Derry Girls
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Favorite Games

Subnautica: Below Zero
Slime Rancher
Slime Rancher 2