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Welcome to the Yonderverse, a diverse world with absolutely no limits. The Yonderverse is many years in the making, and is a complex universe with people living in all corners of the world. Please enjoy yourself as you dive into my proudest creation.

The world is in conflict. Every day, the oanie claim more and more planets to rule over, stripping them of resources to construct the largest empire in the Yonderverse. Who can stop them? They're beyond powerful and nobody is willing to stand up against them.

These are all child-words I have created, that are set within the Yonderverse setting. These worlds were made for me to focus on developing smaller parts of my world that I have more of an interest in.
Aavar's River Base Map Image
Aavar's River by Mochi
I don't know what the hell I am doing, but I am most certainly enjoying it.
— Mochimanoban, author of the Yonderverse
The Storm That Shifted Time by Mochi
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