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All art in this article is made by me, Mochi :)

For the entirety of 2024 I will slowly be fleshing out the Milky Way with 52 new star systems. Following the rules here, I will be creating the basics of a star system each week. These are just notes, no fancy layouts or writing, sorry! If I end up writing more in another article, I will provide links to them :)

  • Every Monday, I create a star (or two, or however many I like).
  • Tuesday through Friday are designing points of interest, such as planets, asteroid belts, artificial objects.
  • Weekends are for making plot-hooks and adventures.
  • I hope to, by the end of this year, have many more interesting solar systems to potentially develop in the future!

    Week 1: Xauein System

    Star: Xauei

    Red Giant, 17.2 billion years old. Inhabited by sunfins, gold gobblers and a nasty sun spider. Has about 20,000 years left until it is destroyed by said spider. 2 orbiting planets and 3 orbiting dwarf planet.


    Kokhon Belt - Asteroid belt between Kokhas and Aton. Full of research stations, atonians staring at Kokhas from a distance. Lots of fuel stations next to the Trimite Highway.

    Kokhon Belt by Mochi

    Kokhas: Ice Giant
    173 moons, almost uninhabitable with no sophonts. Ice storm speeds of up to 20,000 miles per hour. It has a rocky core with no wind at all (the Eye of the planet).


    Aton: Ice Giant
    3 moons, two sophont species - Atonians and atomians. Atonians are primitive, atomians are very intelligent.
    Temperatures of Aton are far below freezing but the planet is a blend of water and ice - the water stays liquid because of magic. It is a tidally locked planet.

    (Read about the atonians)

    Dead Lordricarr: Wandered into the solar system and died of starvation. Now a hub for illegal trade and criminal activity.

    Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • Atomians have discovered unusual thermal activity from the frozen core of Kokhas, and are attempting to explore it.
  • The oanie have attempted to wipe out the atomians and atonians so they can claim the whole solar system - nobody knows why, but they seem very desperate to take control.
  • Week 2: Mythas System

    This solar system is inspired by Myth Cross!
    Star: Mythas

    Purple Giant, the brightest star in the Trimite Cluster. Exudes healing magic and anyone can survive in space in its orbit, even with no protection of any kind. 6 orbiting planets and 9 dwarf planets.

    Luphas: Seraphenic planet

    Bright pink planet, plentiful in phosphorus and neon. 1 sophontic species, the luphans. 62 moons.

    Luphas Camp - Series of trojan asteroids orbiting on Luphas' orbital path, 60° behind the planet.
    Blue Bullet
    Artificial research station owned and ran by luphans. Has an elliptical orbit round Mythas and watches for any sun spiders, destroying any that get close. Bright blue and can travel at blinding speeds.
    Etetetere - Rocky planet.
  • 6 continents
  • 6 oceans
  • 12 tectonic plates
  • 17 mountain ranges
  • 6,791 volcanoes
  • 619,733 islands.
  • Bright blue/yellow lizard sophonts, lactans. Shed their skin twice a day, consuming it for the majority of their required nutrients.
    (Read about the lactans)

    Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • An asteroid is on its way to hit Etetere in the next two weeks, mass panic with people scrambling to leave the planet.
  • Large streams of nebula apalous have been discovered in the Luphas Camp. Who will claim it first?
  • Week 3: Karkhas System

    Star: Karkhas

    A bright green main sequence star. Highly radioactive and has been halted by a stellamancer. Owned, along with its solar system, by Karkhala.

    Gilde XG - Giant golden asteroid. Half of it has been mined by the oanie.
    Mathas Ring - Giant asteroid ring that orbits the Royal Ring, which in turn orbits Karkhas.
    Royal Ring - Even gianter asteroid ring that orbits Karkhas.
    Khuanatashini - Oceanic Planet

    Has a large core but no landmasses. Cities previously formed on the backs of turtles and similar megafauna have been abandoned. The sophonts native to this planet left hundreds of years ago, leaving these gargantuan biotic vehicles tortured forever.

    Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • A radioactive virus has just been disovered within Karkhas, already having wiped out one colony of oanie. It is spreading faster and faster.
  • An oanie-led mission to save the turtle cities of Khuanatashini gives people hope that there are some good oanie out there.
  • Week 4: Astra System

    This solar system is inspired by Doug Marshall!
    Star: Alpha Lutrinae

    Orange Subgiant. Extremely bright, with 17 planets, 19 dwarf planets, and 4 asteroid belts in its orbit. Mostly orange with flecks of green, blue, and purple.

    Levin & Davan
  • Dwarf planets in a planetary marriage (orbit each other)
  • Have a single atmosphere (no clue how that works)
  • Giant flying whale-like creatures
  • Wednesday
  • Special Astro Coroner's Ectodome
  • Studies and determined the cause of death of those found floating in space
  • Spacecraft murders are common, and where better to dump the bodies than space itself?
  • Thursday
    Devil's Hole
  • Giant cloud of dust and space debris with a hole in the middle
  • Red glowing centre - possible wormhole?
  • Friday
    Kolakat by Mochi
  • Large rocky planet
  • 2 continents
  • Large oceans - planet is 90% ocean
  • Kolokons and moorans are the native sophonts - both equally intelligent, do not have space travel yet.
  • (Read about Kolakat)

    Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • The Astra System just saw an influx of refugees from an unkown planet. Where did they come from???
  • The Astra Council just passed a law that allows space pirates in the solar system. This is an unusual and unwelcome move that could endanger millions.
  • Week 5: Talo System

    This solar system is inspired by Rin Garnett!
    Star: Talos

    A dim protostar, storing huge amounts of magic. Only has one orbiting planet, but hundreds of space colonies with micro-cultures.

  • Viciously guarded base on a lone asteroid.
  • Nobody knows what's going on inside
  • Illegal activity?
  • Wednesday
    Morigna Zone
  • A region in space, closer than 0.2 AU to Talos.
  • Barely habitable, extremely high temperatures, yet people still live here
  • Thursday
  • Atheni boasts a fleet of over 2,000 spacecrafts
  • High-powered city with great defences. Some of the star system's most prominent and powerful figures live here
  • Friday
  • Blacksmithing Capital
  • Weapons forged within Talos
  • Colony located inside the Morigna Zone
  • Incredibly powerful, one of a kind artifacts
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • A massive vein of tanzanite has been found in a huge mountain on Micara (the only planet orbiting Talos).
  • The oanie have filed for control of Micara, but it has been denied - the first time it has ever happened.
  • Week 6: Echonis System

    Star: Fuoca
    A main sequence star, burning a bright red and full of magma tadpoles.
  • A large seraphenic planet
  • Covered in pink hurricanes with floating yellow trees.
  • No native sophonts, but lived in by residents of Zizmal
  • Wednesday
  • Small seraphenic planet
  • Covered in yellow hurricanes with pink floating trees
  • Native zizmalis that live on both Zizmal and Dilema
  • Thursday
    Golden Spire
  • Shard of gold orbiting Fuoca
  • Thirteen million kilometres long and orbits between Zizmal and Dilema. Can be seen by the naked eye from both planets.
  • Friday
    Golden Spire Sociali
  • Organisation dedicated to protecting the Golden Spire from hungry corporations
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • Word of the Golden Spire reached the oanie - dun dun duuuun...
  • A sun spider has almost reached Fuoca. Several fleets are trying to kill it, to no avail.
  • Week 7: Myriashea System

    This solar system is inspired by Leashea!
    Star: Fuoca

    A main sequence star, flickering yellow star, 9 billion years old.

  • Yellow gas giant
  • Strands reaching out from the planet
  • Mostly made of Vanadium polychloryphynirite gas
  • Naphyma by Mochi
  • Chalk moon orbiting Naphyma
  • Almost 10% of its crust has been excavated
  • Chalk mice
  • Thursday
    Kuluuk Belts
  • Pair of asteroid belts orbiting Naphyma
  • Wonky orbits
  • Friday
    Anchor Shark Nesting Ground
  • Large nesting ground of anchor sharks
  • Outskirts of the Myriashea System
  • Trillions of eggs
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • Hundreds of anchor sharks just hatched - their mother is hungry.
  • The oanie just claimed Ayana, a gas giant planet, after its native sophonts died out exactly one year ago.
  • Week 8: Spectra System

    This solar system is inspired by Gabrielle Decker!
    Star: Sar'ach

    Ghostly star. It seemingly fades in and out of existence, increasing and decreasing in size drastically. One minute you could be completely safe, next you're engulfed and vaporised by Sar'ach.

  • Extremely radioactive
  • Fluctuates between -200K and 6,000K
  • Wednesday
  • Small space colony of horrormancers who may or may not be plotting world domination...
  • Thursday
    Torchlit River
  • A river running alongside the Galactic Highway, lit up by ancient lanterns.
  • Friday
    Red Giant HQ
  • Red Giant superstore chain
  • Headquarters on the very outskirts of the Spectra System
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • Ater being put on the map for celebrity homes, a spacecraft of Joa Wanat fanatics was swallowed up by Sar'ach when it flew too close. This solar sysetm was removed from the map.
  • Following the previous event, a No-Fly Zone was placed on the innermost part of the system, including Aloco. Only those with explicit permission from the Zone Council can fly in this region, with included precautions.
  • Week 9: Hanaji Cluster

    Star: Janacci
  • Main sequence star, with 67 planets and 94 dwarf planets. An A-Type main sequence star.
  • Tuesday
  • First planet, 0.4 AU from Janacci
  • 92% of the land is arable grasslands
  • Artisi - native sophonts
  • Wednesday
  • Purple rocky biomes
  • Obsidian crystalline towers
  • No native sophonts
  • Thursday
    Xarti 2
  • The 2nd planet named after Xarti Heildre, famed explorer (2nd of 35)
  • Friday
  • Polar moon orbiting Khalei (dwarf planet)
  • An abundance of pyromagical organisms
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • The max population of Khalei (3.5 billion) has been hit. A planet-wide scheme to colonise the moon is undergo.
  • A resident of Artisa is selling poisonous mind-controlling fruits to anyone he can to form a hivemind.
  • Week 10: Mar-Hasen System

    Star: Hen Assani
  • Main sequence star, 13 planets, 72 dwarf planets. B-Type main sequence star
  • Tuesday
    Hanata by Mochi
  • Small, mercury sized oceanic planet
  • Tidally locked
  • One half is covered in ice
  • Wednesday
  • Small dwarf planet, size of pluto
  • Thick atmosphere
  • Dark blue savannas
  • Thursday
    Galactic Highway Post #90
  • Large station that can house 6 million spacecrafts.
  • Fuel stations, apartment complexes
  • Friday
  • Sword shop off the orbit of Hanata
  • Specialises in custom orders
  • Works with jewels and crystals
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • A custom order for a life-draining sword has just been made. Authorities have been called and suspect is on the run.
  • The oanie just claimed two planets in one council appeal
  • Week 11: Enewas System

    Star: Hakihi
  • Bright red, 6 planets, 2 astral seas, 1 labyrinth sea. T-type main sequence star
  • Tuesday
    Atana Ocean
  • Astral sea
  • yellowish tint
  • no lordricarrs, instead much larger creatures
  • Wednesday
    Corensi Abyss
  • Giant purple astral sea
  • One planet inside the sea
  • No contact with the wider world
  • Thursday
  • Oceanic planet within the Corensi Abyss
  • nobody has explored the planet and survived
  • Friday
  • White oceanic planet
  • White water
  • Fast flowing currents
  • Very dangerous
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • Recent investigations have show thousands of intelligent lifeforms on Corensa.
  • The annual migration of witherwalkers has been delayed by 2 months a sign that climate change on Hondas is approaching an unreversable state.
  • Week 12: Galanti Cluster

    Star: Galantis Max
  • White dwarf with 302 planets and 64 asteroid belts
  • Bright white with intense gravity
  • Tuesday
    Galanti Belt
  • Asteroid belt. Stuck in its orbit are 95 dwarf planets
  • Wednesday
    Galanti League
  • An organisation of sixty magical members protecting the solar system.
  • Thursday
    Phantom's Tendril
  • An aurora seen on Ahartxi. Seen from 70 AU away, even when the planet itself isn't perceptible.
  • Friday
  • Giant rocky planet covered in grasslands
  • 2 native sophonts, very intelligent
  • Plot Hooks/Adventure

  • A global war just broke out on Pamparas for territory & resources
  • A dwarf planet in the Galanti Belt has just been claimed by Saturn
  • Week 13: Finch System

    Star: Xiquantas
  • Red Giant, 4 planets
  • Entire ystem is a No-Fly Zone - too dangerous
  • Tuesday
    Ghost Finch Nesting Grounds
  • Extremely territorial
  • Sole reason the Finch System is a No-Fly Zone
    Ghost Finch by Mochi
    Xiquantas Gas Station + Fruit Stop
  • A gas station + tropical fruit market
  • Orbiting just outside the No-Fly Zone, barely within the solar system
  • Thursday
  • Small rocky planet
  • Enis & Phananti, two countries at war for the past 600 years
  • Friday
  • A large space prison
  • Contains magical convicts
  • Orbits opposite to the Xiquantas Gas Station + Fruit Stop
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • Three prisoners in the prison just escaped and six fleets are after them
  • A cargo ship lost course and flew into the No-Fly Zone, never see or heard from again
  • Week 14: Tiszanti System

    Star: Tiszantis
  • Main sequence star, bright orange
  • 7 planets, 62 dwarf planets
  • Tuesday
  • Large rocky planet
  • Secretary bird-like sophonts, scisrofiihr
  • Loves their militaries
  • Savanna/desert hot planet
  • Wednesday
    Sureka Space Station
  • Oldest space station in the Khatil Cluster
  • Thursday
    Asteroid 394CKS-7
  • Home to a sophontic freshwater squid species
  • Asteroid same size as Mercury
  • Veins of platinum, extremely valuable
  • Oanie want to claim the asteroid, legally cannot
  • Friday
    Tiszantis Bio-Market
  • Market on a moon of Eclypsa
  • Sells genetically modified organisms
  • Weird af animals
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • A virus transmitting zombie velociraptor was sold to a known war criminal
  • Earla military just invaded a small populated island on Eclypsa.
  • Week 15: Marah System

    Star: Marah 3
  • White Dwarf
  • Only 6 planets
  • Tuesday
    Marah Central
  • Space colony for marah
  • Marah - lovely, caring sophonts
  • tall and thin, furry mammals who own the entire solar system
  • Wednesday
  • Town on Exhimis, a moon orbiting Mahiri
  • "hometown" of Marahaaah , saviour of the marah
  • Thursday
    Galan Na
  • Pyramidal structure floating in space
  • Made of metal (steel?)
  • Friday
    Carlis Reserve
  • Nature reserve moon orbiting Zamina (also orbited by Exhimis)
  • Contains hundreds of critically endangered species
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • 24 species in the Carlis Reserve just got declared extinct after a virus wiped them out
  • A group of marah have just colonised another planet in the lord's name
  • Week 16: Spleen System

    This solar system is inspired by spleen!
    Star: Otahus
  • Purple giant, 6 planets and 16 dwarf planets
  • Solar system known for all of its planets containing many species (many millions of identified species, unidentified species in the billions)
  • Tuesday
  • Planet in an ice age
  • Advanced sophonts trying to fight the climates and stay alive
  • Do not have the power to leave the planet... yet
  • Wednesday
  • Large rocky planet
  • Global tropical climates
  • Millions of identified species
  • 7 sophont species
  • Oasis Planet
  • Thursday
  • Small planet
  • Cold desert planet
  • Flying stingrays and big flying worms everywhere
  • Friday
  • Small moon of Vephera
  • 92% ocean
  • Small meadow/swamp/rainforest continent
  • Plot Hooks/Adventures

  • A cargo vessel landed on Matoronos and was destroyed by flying stingrays. Matonoros has been put on lockdown, and exoplanetary mining facilities have been evacuated
  • A map of the Milky Way with pins of all these solar systems!
    Milky Way
    This event is brought to you by Chris McDowall!

    Named Star Systems:
    Astra System
    Echonis System
    Karkhas System
    Myriashea System
    Mythas System
    Talo System
    Xauein System
    Named Planets:

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    Let's see what's first on my list... the Xauein System, hmm. Oh damn, it's not got long left. Twenty thousand years before the star explodes. Oh well! Better explore it before the place is gone.

    Stella stepped up to the window of her starship, admiring the beaming star Xauei. She slowly drifted toward the asteroid belt directly in front of her, softly landing on a large floating boulder. The ship's scanners went haywire as other asteroids flung past, along with a small fleet of peculiar little creatures. They had soft, squishy bodies, as they clashed and jumbled together in an unorganised mess. Several dropped down from their cluster to greet Stella as she stepped out of her ship, and she reached out a hand. They sniffed and snorted, quickly flying back to greet their friends and continue the animal's migration.

    Stella's biota scanner whirred to life as organisms were detected in the vicinity. She pulled it out and scanned these squishy animals, registering them as boloos. Off to a great start!


    Average Size: 7 - 40 metres long
    Average Lifespan: 400 - 1000 years
    Colouration: Pastel colours, often multiple and splotchy
    Behaviour: Passive - lacks the part of the brain that controls violence, so has 0 violent tendencies.

    One of the most common fauna in the Kokhon Belt, boloos are squishy megafauna. The part of the brain that controls aggressive behaviour is missing in this species, and they spend their lives floating around the asteroid belt and sucking up floating algae and expelling rocks that get caught in their mouths.

    Fauna | Feb 2, 2024

    The space equivalent of manatees. Boloos migrate round the star Xauei in large clumps, crashing into asteroids and one another.

    Oh no! Looks like the rest of the story is hidden. To read on, become a Guardian! You'll also get access to secret content in the Yonderverse, monthly updates of my writing, a fun reference within this world, and a special thanks on my supporters page.  


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