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Kolakat is a vibrant rocky planet mostly comprised of oceans. With 90% of its surface covered in water, it doesn't quite reach the specifications to be classified as an oceanic planet.

Geography, Location & Climate

Kolakat by Mochi

Just two continents can be found on Kolakat, sitting on a single continental plate. Beiha and Musei are both tropical and subtropical continents, with rainforests and wetlands covering most of the land.

This land is rather squishy, similar to the land on Osao. It is very buoyant and many islands float on the surface of the ocean, only tethered to the seabed by strands of kelp.

Kolakat is orbited by three natural satellites. Only one is large enough to be seen by the naked eye, however.


Life on Kolakat is very diverse. The oceans of this planet contain over ninety thousand species of fish, ranging from the miniscule but deadly bluttfish to the gargantuan chromerays. Most life on Kolakat can be found within the oceans and on land, but some ecosystems thrive completely above the clouds. A handful of flower species are so light that they float, relying on wind to keep them from rising or falling too high or low.

Two sophonts are native to Kolakat, kolokons and moorans. They both evolved on different continents, but cultures have mingled and civilisations have formed between the two of them. Neither have reached space-faring levels of intelligence.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
43.2 AU
Related Myths
No. of Satellites
Significant Natural Satellites
Loana, Moneii, Leini

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