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A beacon of light in the depths of space, Theles is just one of many planets in the Selvos Cluster controlled by the oanie. Theles's surface is covered in large glass rings, hundreds of miles in diameter, which casts a bright light for light years.

The planet is powered by a lightbulb no bigger than a oanie man, two metres in height. Theles is used to navigate around the Greater Oasis, a section of the Milky Way miniscule in comparison to the galaxy, but contains over seventy million star systems.

Seen for Light Years

If you see a bright light in the sky, piercing through even the thickest of fogs and atmospheres, it's probably Theles. The entire planet's surface is made of metal and glass, with monolithic mechanical wirings and gears, electrical motors and magical reinforcements, powering the rotation of giant circular glass frames. Despite the planet being natural in origin, it has been completely been transformed into a wonder of science, technology and magic.

The very core of the planet is just a single, good old-fashioned lightbulb. Said lightbulb is about two metres in height, and due to the glass panes throughout the planet, light is reflected trillions of light years away. Theles is used by oanie navigators to work their way around the Greater Oasis, a bustling part of the Milky Way.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
792.43 AU
Location under

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