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CW: A whole lot of spiders

Nalmaria is a planet in the Kurhira Solar System. It is the third planet orbiting Afuph. The planet is considered uninhabitable by any species other than the resident hostilins that have taken over the entire planet, including planting their Queen in the core.


Most of the planet is covered in an entirely barren landscape, void of any plant life.

Queen's Core

The very core of the planet is stabilised by a giant spider, very unorthodox. The core is estimated at about 2,500 miles wide, with the Queen spider squished inside. As there is no molten core in the planet, Nalmaria is at great risk from cosmic radiation as the entire planet lacks a magnetic field. And compasses do not work, either.

Habitable Zone

The Habitable Zone, for an unexplained reason, is the only location on the planet not inhabited by hostilins. It is theorised that something in the centre of the island is scaring off the hostilins, which allows a few species to exist comfortably.

Silk Oceans

To fill the waterless basins between continents, worker hostilins spend their entire lives weaving intricate silk oceans. These giant "hives", as they are called by some, is where the production of royal mush takes place, that will get fed to the Queen, to produce more children and keep the species alive.


The Deadlands is the largest uninhabitable area on the planet. The Deadlands is an incredibly mountainous region, especially in the northeast. There is incredibly little life in the Deadlands, aside from hostilins that search for presents to gift their Queen.

Fauna & Flora


Aside from hostilins, there are no animals larger than a metre tall. The second largest animal on the planet is the axebat, a flying mammal species with an axe shaped head. These animals are nocturnal, avoiding hostilins during the day by sleeping in burrows along the mountainside, where it is too cold for cold-blooded animals.


Similar to the fauna, there is not much plant life on Nalmaria. 90% of the plant species on the planet exist in the Habitable Zone. Such species include rattle ferns, large plants that rattle in the wind, eeriums, creepy black flowers that only grow in complete darkness, demon's nettles, large bushes of stinging nettles that cause minor paralysis.
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