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Middle Mountains

The Middle Mountains is a large mountain range on Cilvarth. This mountain range divides the two continents, Aurea and Jisefea: Aurea to the west, and Jisefea to the East.


The Middle Mountains is the only mountain range on the planet. Stretching upwards of 6,000 miles, this mountain range connects the southern shores to the northern shores. There is an estimate of 19,000 mountains over 6,000 metres tall, 200 of which exceed 8,000 metres. Despite being a biome itself, there are many sub-biomes within the Middle Mountains, many of which are nestled between each mountain.

These mountains are infused with crystals, which make the mountains glow very brightly during daylight. Sometimes the shining can be unbearable, which is why anybody that lives nearby carry specialised glasses that reflect said light.


The Treetops are a fascinating sub-biome found commonly between various mountains. The main feature of the Treetops are the trees; fat, stumpy trees with leaves so sturdy one can comfortably walk, even run, along them. These leaves grow on top of each other to form thick layers, strong enough to support small houses. Various layers of leaves form on each tree, to create a labyrinth of layers that make traversing the Treetops particularly troublesome.

Golden Caves

A biome unique to just one location, the Golden Caves is said to be a place built for the Gods. Every surface of these caves are lined with a thin layer of gold, which makes people wonder, how did this form? Many mythologies speak of these caves, and say that worshippers spent years digging out the rock with their bare hands, lining the caves with gold, all so the Gods would be satisfied.

Fauna & Flora


Many animal species inhabit the various biomes in the Middle Mountains. Some species that consume plants have an unusual shimmer to them, similar to the mountains themselves. These animals are bred in captivity too, so that more animals have this shimmer.
A subspecies of pekoe pony have been bred for this shimmer; they are most popular in the Glacier Isles, where the climate is the next best for these animals.


Many tea plants grow on the mountainsides, and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet due to the lack of other mountains and altitudes. These tea plants are farmed where they grow, since they cannot grow at any lower altitudes. These tea plants are infused with crystals, and have a shimmering effect on the tea that is produced. This tea is much more expensive than most other teas, and is popular with the rich and wealthy.
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The Divider, The Great Mountains, The God's Throne
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