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Silver Desert

The Silver Desert is a desert on Cilvarth. The Silver Desert is located entirely within Aurea, the western continent. The Silver Desert is the largest desert on the planet, and is named after its bright, silvery sheen.

Geography, Location & Climate

Located in the South of Aurea, the Silver Desert encompasses a great deal of the mainland and the Krien Islands, to the southeast of Aricos. The Silver Desert is generally a flat desert, most comprised of hamadas and ergs. Aricos, one of the three largest cities on the planet, is located within the Silver Desert, as well as Kettle, a famous lake.  
Like most deserts, the Silver Desert is scorchingly hot. Temperatures max at about 80℃, and it rains once every few years. Because of this, the people and creatures living in the desert are well equipped to surviving here, and rarely consume water.   The sand contains small specks of silver, which is the cause of the desert's colour. For a desert, the Silver Desert has a lot of lakes. The most prominent lake is Kettle, the largest lake on the planet and a site of worship for many.
The Silver Desert is divided into three sectors, based on climate and rainfall: the North Silver Desert, Central Silver Desert, and South Silver Desert. The North Silver Desert recieves the the least amount of rainfall, while the Central Silver Desert recieves the most. The Krien Islands are considered either part of the South Silver Desert or an entirely new sector, as it recieves slightly more rainfall than the South Silver Desert.

Fauna & Flora

The fauna and flora of the Silver Desert are highly adapted to the lifestyle. Those that live here have many unique functions to deal with the heat and the lack of food and water.
One important species in the ecosystem of the desert is the rundelhorn; these animals use their large horns to stab at rocky cliffs, where water is stored in its porous cracks, and the destruction of the cliffs causes ponds and lakes to form, attracting wildlife.


There are approximately 1200 discovered animal species in the Silver Desert. There are several rundelhorn species, including the mammoth rundelhorn, gold rundelhorn, and the aricos rundelhorn. These animals can last up to a year without drinking water, surviving by consuming succulent plants.
Some other species of animal in the Silver Desert include sandlions, eldrychs, koryks and geteras.


There are approximately four thousand plant species and subspecies in the Silver Desert. These range from the majestic bloodhorn trees to the miniscule algae rose. Most of the desert contains very little plant life, and so most plant species are found within oases. Large trees and bushes all have thick trunks, to carry and store water, while their roots reach far underground when there is no water on the surface.

Significant Settlements


Considered one of the "Big Three", Aricos is one of the three major settlements on Cilvarth, and the only one in Aurea. It is the second largest city on the planet, with approximately 1.4 million inhabitants.

Aricos is very well known for it's tea-related history. In Central Aricos is the National Aurean Teapot Gallery, a gallery dedicated to all of the most important teapots from the city's history, and some teapots from other cities.


Coryko is one of the smallest towns in Aurea, and the Silver Desert. Located along the east beaches of Kettle, Coryko only has about 5000 inhabitants. Corykos has some of the most interesting history, as the town's first ruler was supposedly "immortal", and blessed by a mythical teapot that granted the drinker whatever they desired.
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