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Whispering Woods

CW: Suicide

The Whispering Woods is a large forest found just north of the Middle Mountains on Cilvarth. When walking in the forest, the endless winds will corrupt your mind into hearing whispers of those you've lost. It is not a place you should visit if you are weak-minded person, and many weak-minded people that have walked into the forest have been driven crazy and taken their lives. On a happier note, whale bees are rather common in the forest, as the giant flowers can support their immense weight.

Geography, Location & Climate

The Whispering Woods is located directly north of the Middle Mountains, within the continent of Aurea. The closest major island chain is the Autumn Isles, in the north-west.

The forest is generally cold, and the constant winds make it feel much colder than it actually is. The land the forest is situated on is very moist, and after longer periods of rain the ground will sometimes flood.

The consistent winds in the forest are most unusual, they cause people to lose their minds, driving them to commit suicide. Because of this, people familiar with the forest will always wear noise-cancelling headphones upon entering the whispering woods, which are a common item to have thanks to the presence of whale bees.


Fauna & Flora


There isn't a lot of life in the Whispering Woods, but those that live there are used to the screaming winds. The whispering winds don't affect less intelligent creatures, such as the dancing snake, a species of reptile that "dances" to attract a mate.


The Whispering Woods is the best place to go if you're looking for megaflora. Particularly giant flowers, this forest is home to a vast array of enormous flora species. The plants grow so large thanks to an abundance of minerals, water, and light.


Fungi are common in the Whispering Woods, unlike most other places on the two continents. Most fungi species in the forest are small and unimportant, but some are rather large, such as the shivering shroom. These mushroom species are roughly 6 metres tall, and in stronger winds rattle and produce a bone-shaking sound.
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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