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The Tea-Pit is a large crater located in the centre of the ocean on Cilvarth. According to Apalian mythology, the Tea-Pit was formed when Qaran, God of the Earth in a drunken state sat on the ocean floor too hard, and caused a crater to form. The subsequent sitting resulted in massive tsunamis that swept away the majority of life forms on the two continents, causing a mass extinction.


The Tea-Pit stretches a whopping 15 kilometres from the north end to the south end. The crater reaches 3 kilometres below the seabed in the centre, and at the seabed the light seldom reaches. There is a lack of interesting geology or geography in the crater, as most of the seabed is relatively flat and lined with sand and gravel. Towards the west of the crater are entrances to intricate cavern systems, where many bioluminescent flora and fauna species can be found.


Fauna & Flora

Jelly Eels by Mochi

There are a fair few fauna species in the Tea-Pit. A common fish species found buried within the sand is the jelly eel. Jelly eels are endemic to the Tea-Pit, thanks to no desire to explore further than where they are born. They are some of the most preyed upon animals in the crater, as they are some of the most defenseless and delicious animals out there. Even cilvarthians enjoy spiced fried jelly eels on occasion.

Little flora grows in the Tea-Pit, and it is unknown why. However, one intriguing plant species is the silver fan. Silver fans are enormous plants that do not need any soil to grow. Instead, they float about within the crater, absorbing minerals in the water. If they are lucky, a fish or other creature will swim through the massive tangle of fan-like plants, and will get caught and digested by the plants.


16 million years ago, tsunamis reaching more than a kilometre surged over the continents Aurea and Jisefea, wiping out most lifeforms. 95% of life was rendered extinct, including animals, plants, fungi, and any sapient life. Cilvarthians have determined the tsunamis originated from around the Tea-Pit. Many Apalins believe that the crater and tsunamis were caused by a deity, specifically Qaran, God of the Earth, sitting too hard on the planet in a drunken state. Atheists believe that it was caused by an asteroid, and both sides strongly disagree with each other.

Many Apalins worship Qaran for his mass extinction; it may sound odd, but the extinction of the existing plant life gave rise to the tea-plant. Tea plants are the most widespread plant species on the planet, and every single cilvarthian citizen greatly values tea plants, and therefore Apalins appreciate the mass extinction that brought about tea plants, caused by Qaran.

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