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Qaran, God of the Earth

Qaran is an Apalian deity, one of the four Children of Aavar. Qaran is the deity of the earth, encompassing the very ground life is built on.

Personal History

Qaran was created at the very beginning of the Yonderverse, 640 billion years ago. He was created just after Aavar, God of Gods was, after he felt lonely in a barren void that was the Yonderverse at the beginning of time. He set out to create four new deities, known as the Children of Aavar. These four children are Asherin, God of Fire, Thunderus, God of Lightning, Arala, God of Water, and of course Qaran, God of the Earth.

Qaran was then given a seat at the God's Table, where the five deities designed the entire Yonderverse over the course of centuries. Qaran was tasked with designing the land people walk on, an incredibly crucial role in the Yonderverse. Civilisations and cultures are built on the ground of planets, all thanks to Qaran.

Qaran is supposedly responsible for a mass-extinction on Cilvarth. 16 million years ago, a crater formed in the ocean known as the Tea-Pit. According to legends, Qaran, in a drunken state, sat down on the planet too hard and caused the crater to form, and subsequent tsunamis raged across the planet.

Family & Relationships


Qaran is responsible for the spreading of ichor throughout the Yonderverse, in the form of children. With five hundred biological children, Qaran has by far the largest number of offspring out of the Children of Aavar. These children are found across the Yonderverse and apparently have incredible powers that have caused drastic changes in geography on some planets, some children causing mountain ranges to form and others destroying whole planets.


As one of the original four Children of Aavar, Qaran has three biological siblings: Thunderus, God of Lightning, Asherin, God of Fire and Arala, God of Water. Mulhaia, God of Torture is Qaran's half-brother, descendant of Aavar, God of Gods and Luphemis, God of Lust.



Qaran is 7'9, making her the tallest of the four Children of Aavar. Her bright orange hair contrasts her dull green skin, covered in mottled, moss-like scales. Qaran's face is round and smooth, while the skin on her arms and legs are cracked in parts, revealing shimmering silver flesh underneath.

Her astral form, accessed by only the most powerful of deities, is a hundred metres tall, as are the rest of the Children of Aavar's astral forms. Her hair becomes spikier in this form, along with armour plating forming along her back, arms and legs.


Qaran's confidence is admired by her followers. She knows exactly what she is doing, and because of this she has complete control over her powers, something the other Children of Aavar do not. After all, she spent a billion years in isolation, meditating to achieve complete mental peace and calm.

Table of Contents
Divine Classification
640 billion years
Circumstances of Birth
Created by Aavar, God of Gods
Dark yellow
Short, orange
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dull green, cracked in parts
7'9 (Normal Form)
100 metres (Astral Form)

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