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Ichor is the supposed blood of the Gods, and can only be found in the corpses of deceased deities, which are incredibly uncommon. Ichor cannot be turned into a solid nor gas; it is permanently a liquid and nobody can figure out how and why.

Blood of the Gods

To separate the immortal, all-powerful creatures that are Gods and mortals, the Gods possess a different substance in the place of blood. This is known as ichor, and can be found in practically every single religion that includes a deity. According to many mythologies, ichor is lethal to mortals, and when they come into contact with it they die immediately. According to a few religions such as Canaian, Aavar, God of Gods possesses ichor that is lethal to even the other deities.

Some say the existence of ichor proves the existence of deities. Others simply believe it is a coincidence that the existing ichor matches the description perfectly, or believe that the ichor in religions was based on the existing ichor.


One of the most significant locations where ichor is found is the planet Neptune, in the Kinosmo Solar System. The entire planet is plagued with this liquid, as it runs in channels throughout the entire celestial object, through every single shell. This liquid is so valuable that it was a driving factor for the Battle Of The Blue Flames, a conflict that determined the owner of Neptune after the Neptunians went extinct. Now that Mars owns the planet, they have an immense store of ichor on their planet.


Perhaps the most perplexing thing floating in space is Man. Man is exactly what you'd think it is, a man in space. This monstrous corpse floats just outside of the Moul Solar System, in District 3. This man is believed to be an unidentified deceased deity, but in all honesty, there are enough bizarre things in the Yonderverse that this could be something entirely different, and not an all-powerful God. The only thing convincing people that this is a deity is the ichor that flows throughout it. Some people attempt to steal this ichor, but since Man is under the PA's ownership, it is illegal to do so.



Ichor has a unique property that allows plants to grow whenever it touches soil, snow or sand. The science behind this baffles the Yonderverse, and is just accepted. Since ichor is infinitely recyclable as it never spoils, it is used to regrow barren areas on planets. Martians have used it to regrow approximately 23% of their planet.


The fact that ichor can kill anyone with a touch makes it one of the most dangerous materials in the Yonderverse. The liquid is used in various weapons, such as bombs, that explode ichor and can kill anyone within a large radius. Ichor is one of the most trafficked items in the Yonderverse, thanks to its dangerousness and scarcity.
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