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Neptune is a planet in the Kinosmo Solar System. It is the last planet orbiting the sun, Aquarius. After the planet's mass extinction, neptunians died out and the planet became a Harvesting Planet, taken over by Mars and harvested for its resources.

Geography & Climate

Neptune's as a planet acts as a hurricane does, with the core of the planet calm, and the rest of the planet with storms and winds reaching upwards of supersonic speed. The core of the planet is small, about the same mass as Earth, with no significant weather patterns. The land on the core is flat, and it is made up of various metals such as iron.


The core consists mostly of iron and other minerals, with neptunian ice in the mix. The ice is tough to melt, which explains how it hasn't since the core is generally quite hot. Most of the life on Neptune exists on the Core, thanks to the warmer environments that can support flora and fauna.

Inner Shell

The Inner Shell is made entirely of water, with many asteroids floating around. These asteroids range in sizes, from pebble sizes to ones comparable to Earth's singular moon. These asteroids come from space, as all asteroids do, and fly through the Outer and Middle Shells with ease, only stopping as they crash into the water which slows it down completely. Various plant species are often seen growing on these asteroids.

Middle Shell

The Middle Shell is a literal breath of fresh air, with neptunian ice floating around. The ice serves a hazard to anything in the vicinity, as it often crashes into artificial objects and completely obliterating, as the ice is hurtled through the shell thanks to winds reaching upwards of 300mph.

Outer Shell

The Outer Shell is the smallest shell, and is made of clouds of methane and ammonia, as well as a small percentage of water vapour. This shell is home to polar opposites of creatures, small plankton-like animals that are eaten by behemoth filter feeders. The Outer Shell is an easy place to traverse, except for these filter-feeders that occasionally crash into spacecrafts.

Fauna & Flora

The fauna on the Core of the planet is as least diverse as you can get. Thanks to the lack of weather systems, the animals are not well adapted to any change in climate or weather, and so the slightest change will kill off the majority of species. This is the case for the Neptunian Mass Extinction, that took place in recent years.

Similar to the fauna, the flora on the Core are not adapted to any changes in weather or climate. These flora are all a bluish colouration, thanks to various minerals they absorb from the ground. Based on the minerals in different asteroids that the flora grow on, these plants will appear different colours.



The Neptunians are an extinct sapient species, that called the Core home. The creatures were highly advanced, and had just developed space travel at the time of the Neptunian Mass extinction. Only one spaceship was able to take off and take Neptunians to a safe place, however this spaceship was swallowed whole by a lordricarr after they unknowingly wandered into an Astral Sea.
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