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Saturn's Rings

Saturn stands out in the Kinosmo System for its gigantic rings. The rings extend from 6,630 to 120,700 kilometers outwards from Saturn's Equator, mostly made of water and ice.

The rings are considered a separate biome of Saturn. While it is not part of the planet itself, the rings do fall under Saturn's territories. Temperatures seldom exceed -100 degrees Celsius, and life here has to fight against the sub-zero climates and no atmosphere.


Like any asteroid belt or rings round a planet, Saturn's Rings are a bustling collection of gas stations and roadside restaurants. There are almost seventy thousand buildings built in these rings with a range of purposes, to make the lives of space-travellers just that little bit easier.


Saturn by Mochi

The striking pink, yellow, and red rings of Saturn are inhabited by a number of perplexing organisms.

Many aquatic animals have gill slits running down their entire bodies to breathe in what little water is available. While water is one of the main components of these rings, they exist in tiny little puddles and lakes, far apart from one another.

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