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Jupiter's Edge

Encasing the entirety of Jupiter is Jupiter's Edge, a thick cloud of steaming yellow gases. From outer space, Jupiter's Edge conceals the lushness and vibrancy of the planet's inhabiting ecosystems, making the planet appear dull and lifeless. That is, aside from the occasional breachings of aurvadic whales, seen in large pods.
Captain, we are approaching planet Jupiter- hold on, what is that? It looks like something's moving in the planet.
...they're gorgeous. There's so many of them, and they seem to be making patterns in the clouds.
— Exploration Ship


Jupiter's Edge is composed entirely of water vapour. Due to the planet's magically decompressive outer atmosphere, this water vapour does not condense to form bodies of water but rather form gaseous compounds. Together with sulphur and other powder-like materials, Jupiter's Edge is yellow-orange-brown in colour.

The outermost portion of Jupiter's Edge is laced with solardust. This magic comes in the form of a pink powder, seen in small clumps scattered around the Edge. Due to the scarcity of solardust on the planet, it is often harvested by jovians and sold on markets for high prices. Solardust is responsible for the even scattering of light throughout Jupiter, and without it, certain parts of the planet will receive more light than others, which can break fragile ecosystems.


Surprisingly, there is a rich amount of life in Jupiter's Edge. Seldom spotted are aurvadic whales, visible from space as they breach in their pods, as pink spots in the yellow sea. Some smaller inhabitants include lightweavers; not to be confused with the lightweaver dragon from Dracosei, these magical fish-like aurvads produce pure light from the tips of their tails, trailing behind them as they swim at incredibly high speeds.

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