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Dracosei is a planet in the Solar System Ria. The planet is the fifth orbiting the Sun Nasara. Dracosei has one of the least amounts of sapient species on the planet, with only a few tribes of people living in deserted islands and on the single continent, Etrea.


The planet is known for the abundance of small and large islands that dot the oceans. These islands vary in the environments, some islands are filled with volcanoes and dangerous steep areas, like Red Rock Island, famous for bright red burning hot rocks that line the beaches, the islands can be very swampy like the Botanic Bogs, mountain islands like the Heather Isles, and the islands can be inhabited by magical crystals like the Cavern Quarry.   The main continent, Etrea, is located along the equator of the planet. The continent is home to several zones, which are all named and idenified based on the environment within them. The continent is home to several mountain ranges, a desert, savannas, polar ice caps to the north, and large forests and grasslands, perfect environments for many dragon species.

Localized Phenomena

Due to the unbalanced magic properties of this planet, many absurdly powerful natural phenomena can occur. Storms that spread hundreds of miles long have been recorded, coupled with burning purple lightning which has ignited the landscapes. Tsunamis over a mile tall have also been recorded, wiping out entire islands. The only thing that hasn't been seen on Dracosei are earthquakes, much to the native tribe's delights, as they live deep underground.

Fauna & Flora

The planet is famous for the abundance of dragon species which are found nowhere else in the Yonderverse. Hundreds of dragon species populate the islands and Etrea, the single continent on the planet. Dragons range in size, from the adorably small Night Light to the terrifying Fire Frighter. Dragons are thoroughly categorised into elements, dragons fit into several element types, fire, water, earth, lightning, lightning, air and nature. Some dragons don't perfectly fit into one element, so they are given a dual-element label, such as nature/fire, venomous fireskulls being an example of that type combination.   The dragons aren't the only dangerous living things on the planet. The plant life is no joke either, from tentacle trees that pick you up and rip you into pieces, to the poison barb plants which shoot spikes that injects a poison, slowly burns you alive. On a few islands the plant life is relatively tame, but don't lower your guard as a lot of them can kill, and a lot of them try.


Dracosei has been inhabited by tribes of people for only a million years. They evolved to live underground, with heightened eyesight and worse hearing. These tribes of people gathered information about the dragons while they built up their cities underground, in a massive hollow cave system that stretched miles underground. All the tribes were connected through intricate systems and tunnels underground, with hatches reaching the surface.   In 1970, a spaceship with 14 passengers sailed through space from Greenerth to Dracosei. The mission of the spaceship expedition was to uncover what was on Dracosei, ever since its discovery by harmonids scientists and people alike have been curious to know what was on it. The spaceship contained Alfo Revul, an author who planned to document everything they found. After landing on a beach on the Grimfold Shores, they proceeded to investigate the island, only to find many dangerous dragon species. They took cover in a small cave on a hillside, and they set up base where they would spend 5 months exploring the planet.   3 spaceships were sent to Dracosei from Greenerth 6 years after the first exploration, where they landed on Etrea and planned to set up a base. It was built in just 4 weeks, and now harmonids had a safe place to land their spaceships for exploration and research, named Base Etrea.

Dragon Types

The dragons are by far the biggest spectacle on the planet Dracosei. The general diversity in dragon species is breathtaking, and when Alfo Revul was naming and researching them, he decided to classify them by elements.  
Fire dragons were easy to distinguish. They were generally a red, orange or brown colour, they were big, and they breathed a basic red fire. They were mostly territorial and lived in specific islands like Red Rock Island. Some fire dragons include the legendary Fire Frighter, Skyfires, and Death's Heads.  
Water dragons were isolated in the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers of Dracosei. Water dragons rarely left the oceans, and they were generally the biggest dragons, since there was so much space in the oceans. Some water dragons include Spitfires, Squirtlings, and Brinebellies.  
Earth dragons are more often than not bad fliers. They are a more defensive class of dragons, with bony appendages and shells, spikes, etc. Earth dragons were also kind of slow when running, which made them popular prey for other dragons. Some earth dragons include the legendary Quaker, Diamoons, and Daggerclaws.  
Nature dragons are somewhat difficult to distinguish. Nature dragons live in forests and rainforests, they come in a variety of colours but most often greens and browns. Nature dragons are relatively small in size, and are herbivorous or omnivorous. Some nature dragons include Scentinettles, Threadtails, and Floradrakes.
Lightning dragons are some of the most powerful dragons on Dracosei. They have the ability to summon lightning, they can fly and run extremely fast. These dragons are often dark colours, to blend in with the storms. Some lightning dragons include the legendary Lightrifying, Zapdragons, and Shockingly Shockers.  
Light dragons serve as the opposite of lightning dragons. Where lightning dragons are dark and mysterious, light dragons are holy, bright and royal. Light dragons have no control of light, but their aura is bright, which is why Revul named them Light dragons. Some light dragons include the legendary Sunspitter, Cosmeteors, and Yellow Vipers.  
Ice dragons are by far the rarest dragons to exist on Dracosei. They can only survive in the coldest temperatures, limiting them to the north and south poles, and few islands like the Heather Isles. Some ice dragons include the twin legendaries, Kingcicle and Iciqueen, Craflabbergasters and Penguin Paddletails.

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  • 1970


    First expedition to Dracosei
    Discovery, Exploration

    A team of 14 people were the first people to ever step foot on Dracosei from Greenerth. They recorded the data and published a book on their findings 17 years later.

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