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Dry Reef

The Dry Reef is one of the safest locations on Talerin. Millions of years ago, this biome was submerged in water, but as time went on the land rose above the water, killing everything on it. The climates are extremely hot during the day, but during night they are very cold.


The landscape of the dry reef is very unusual compared to the flat lands of Talerin. Many large rocks, with interesting shapes, arches, cracks and caves, valleys and trenches sprinkle the area. Many fossils of prehistoric fish species are found here, as well as fossilised plants. A single oasis exists on the southern edge of the reef, many plant species grow here, and the lake is located inside a valley.


The Dry Reef's mild climate compared to others means a fair few of creature can survive here. These have evolved to survive without water for months on end, they move sluggishly, and they have armour plating along their heads, backs, and tails.
Very few plant species live here, these all have very long roots that reach down miles underground, in search of the large underwater lakes that fill the ground below.

Ecosystem Cycles

Most creatures are nocturnal in the Dry reef, as the boiling temperatures are too much for most. During the night, many creatures come out of their dens, and they are all gifted with night-vision, allowing them to comfortably see in the nights.

Fauna & Flora


Sandworms are large creatures that live in complex, underground tunnels dug out by themselves. They work as a hive-mind, the Queen sandworm controls every single one in their large pack while she resides in the main room of the nest, hidden, protected from any danger. These creatures are hunted by the Ukari People, who live just near the dry reef.  


Camelcoats are large, armoured herbivores who sleep in caves during the day, and come out during the night. They eat the short grasses that grow in the reef, very rarely walking to the oasis to drink water, as they are designed to survive without it.


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