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Talerin Sandworm

On every single planet in the Yonderverse is some kind of a varient of a sandworm. These malicious creatures are incredibly well known and despised throughout the cosmos. On Earth you have mongolian death worms living in the Gobi Desert, on Greenerth are pygmy sandworms, and on Talerin are the aptly named talerin sandworms. These creatures are hunted by the Ukari People and provide them with the necessary food for survival.

Basic Information


These invertebrates have a long, cylindrical body, with rows of tiny, curved, leg like appendages. Their tough skin can come in a variety of colours, from cream, browns and whites, to pale pinks and pale purples. Their bodies get progressively thinner until you get the tail, which ends in a bendable spike. Several rows of eyes line the head, which blends seamlessly with the body.
Their mouths are the centrepiece of the creatures. It sits on the opposite side of their tails, on the larger side of its body. The inside of the mouth is lined with 7 rows of rotating teeth, used to grind up its prey.  

Sexual Dimorphism

Female and male sandworms differ greatly in appearance. Females are much bigger than males, in some cases almost twice as big. They also have a darker colouration, usually darker pinks and purples, darker browns, while males are pale pinks and purples and whites and light greys.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Queen sandworm resides in the deepest room of a sandworm nest. These queens are the controller of the sandworm hive-mind, controlling the entire nest of sandworms.
The Queen is also the only sandworm in a nest that can produce eggs. They spend their entire lives producing eggs for the nest, laying about once every week.
These eggs are then taken to the nursery, where they are tended to by special egg workers, who will nurture the eggs and the babies until they hatch and/or grow up.

Growth Rate & Stages

Talerin sandworms remain in the nursery for 5 weeks before they can leave, as they are not big enough to work on their own.
From the moment they are born, they are taught by the egg workers to dig, to hunt, and to use their x-ray vision. When the sandworms are 5 weeks old, they are strong and big enough to hunt and work on their own without guidance from the egg workers.

Ecology and Habitats

Talerin sandworms live underground, in large cavernous tunnel systems. These are dug out by the sandworms themselves, and they can stretch hundreds of miles. Because the entire planet is a desert environment excluding a few inland seas, the sandworms are found pretty much worldwide.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Talerin sandworms are carnivorous. They hunt down creatures that also tunnel in the ground, detecting their tunnels with their special vision and following them until they catch up.
Sometimes, sandworms like to create traps for creatures to fall in such as camelcoats. By digging out a hole in the ground, creatures can accidentally fall in, sandworms check these traps every few days to hopefully find some food.   These sandworms use their razor sharp teeth to grind up their prey. Most of the time sandworms are big enough to swallow their prey whole.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Talerin sandworms are hunted by the Ukari people who live just south of the Dry Reef. One of the Ukari people are used as bait, who remains in a hole in the ground, where the sandworm can spot. The sandworm will then attempt to attack the person as they leave the hole, and the sandworm is tied up by the Ukari people, and is then decapitated. Decapitation one of the few methods of killing a sandworm, as it is the only part of the body they cannot regenerate.   The dead sandworm is then dragged back to the city, to be later consumed.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Located throughout Talerin, they are least common in the Dry Reef, unfortunately for the Ukari people who prey on it. They are common near the Equator, where it is most warm and rainy.

Average Intelligence

Sandworms are not the smartest creature on Talerin, by far. The creatures only emotion is rage and anger. Because the sandworms are so overtaken by anger, they commonly fall into traps set up by the Ukari people. The Ukari people use one of their people as a trap, and the rest of the band tie it down to the ground as they decapitate it.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The eyes on a talerin sandworm are not used for eyes, but to rather scan the ground for their tunnels. Talerin sandworms have the unique ability to see through the ground, like an x-ray. This helps them navigate the environment, and helps them locate theirs and other sandworms nests much easier. Thankfully, they cannot use this vision to see things above ground, and while they're above ground they are basically blind.
12 years
Average Length
Anywhere from 1ft to 400ft
Geographic Distribution


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