Ukari People

The Ukari People are the only sapient species to inhabit the desert planet of Talerin. Renowned for their talents with magic, these people invented the Universal Translator Spell, a spell that granted people across the Yonderverse to understand every single dialect and language.

Basic Information


The Ukari People are named after the Uakari, a species of monkey from Earth. These people have a bright red face, which is the cause of constant burning from the Sun. They reach about 2 metres tall, with a wide, muscular body. Their skin is very thick, and a pale colour, similar to the sand. They have 6, scorpion like legs, with a short tail ending in a sharp spike. Their backs are coated with chitin, which sheds every year. This chitin is very heavy, weighing down on them greatly. Their heads are wide, with their two eyes on thick, short stalks on either side of their heads. These stalks have limited movement, but help spot predators in the dry lands.

Genetics and Reproduction

Giving birth after a 3 year gestation period, the Ukari people give birth a single egg. They only produce one egg every pregnancy, and the gestation period is the longest of any sapient species. The egg takes up to another year to hatch

Growth Rate & Stages

A baby Ukari measures 3cm long when hatched. They remain in the nest created by the parents for the first few months, until they outgrow it. Hatchlings do not have the chitin shell, but develops it after their first year. They also don't have a stinger until they are adults, so about 15 years old.

Ecology and Habitats

Ukaris live in the dry deserts of Talerin. They are used to the warm days and cold nights, their cities are designed to bring shade and heat in days and nights. Their chitin protects them from sandstorms and predators.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Ukari people are carnivorous, they prey on the many sandworms they hunt down in large packs.
The Ukari people hunt down sandworms, since their abundance in the dry reef close to the cities and their size means that they are a perfect creature to hunt. They aren't the easiest to kill, but their chitin protects them from the smaller sandworms, as one acts as bait the others catch the sandworm and slaughter it.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

These people have excellent vision, given their eyes are located on the sides of their heads on rotating stalks, with independant movement with each eye.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Ukari have only one tradition when it comes to names, that is starting their children's names with a U, for example Ueta, Unara, and Uerin. It is not a law, but it is common tradition to do this.

Major Organizations

The only city owned by the Ukari people is Tak'are, Ukaran for paradise. Tak'are is the biggest (and only) city on Talarin, and has a population of 9 million. The city is constructed from the desert sandstone, which is rather sturdy, especially in sandstorms.


The Ukari people seemed to have been gifted with the ability to understand and comprehend magic, regardless of the complexity. They have long been regarded as one of the most skilled at magic, even throughout the Yonderverse.   In the early 1500s on Talerin (in Greenerth about 1950), a group of Ukari mages created the Universal Translator Spell, which allowed everyone in the Yonderverse to understand every single language and dialect, both spoken and non-spoken. This spell was created when the mages visited Greenerth, and spoke to a bunch of people, failing to understand anything they said.
60 years
Average Height
2 metres
Average Weight
200 kilograms
Geographic Distribution


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