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Universal Translator Spell

The Universal Translator spell is one of the most renowned spells, which brought together the entire Yonderverse. Languages would always be a barrier when it came to foreign people, so a translator was developed by the Ukari race on Talerin. The translator simply allows people to understand other languages, not necessarily speak it.


The spell caused a bright light to fill the Yonderverse, effecting each and every person for a few seconds. The spell took a while for people to notice, when tourists who were already in other countries began to overhear conversations in other languages that they completely understood.


The mages drew power from various dimensions, including the Time dimension, Horror Dimension, and even Sabala. Together, the power drawn from each dimension created this spell which would affect everybody in the Yonderverse's understanding of foreign languages. This did require powerful mages to harness it however, as weak mages would have been killed from the power.


The Ukari people have a language that is only known to them. When travelling to other planets and meeting foreign races, they failed to understand anything anyone was saying, as expected. When returning home, a group of mages devised a spell that would essentially let people understand every language in the universe, spoken and non-spoken. This spell was cast a hundred years ago in Greenerth's time, and a massive bright light scanned the Yonderverse, reaching every single person infinitely.
Effect Duration
The spell is said to last a billion years, then it would finally wear off after the power from the spell finally ran out. Then the spell would need to be cast again, to last another billion years.
Effect Casting Time
It took 20 minutes of chanting and spellcasting for the spell to be ready.
The spell was so powerful it was able to affect the entire Yonderverse, regardless of how far away they were. This even travelled through to people-made dimensions, such as the ones in tamer orbs and ones that the UAR have harnessed.
The highest level mages of the Ukari people were used, as the risk of using a weaker mage was too high.


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