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Horror Dimension

The horror dimension is a terrifying dimension full of everyone's worst nightmares, dangerous creatures beyond anyone's worst thoughts, environments so harsh you'll die within seconds. This dimension has been mentioned in many sacred texts from many religions, describing this area as the most terrifying place in existence, one would simply perish if they saw it.


The environments are very unstable, constantly changing as the rocks float in space. One day they could be a giant mountain range, other days they might be flatter than a desert, a dense jungle, or a grassland. No matter what environment appears, be wary as danger is most likely right in front of your face.

Fauna & Flora

Many species from the horror dimension have been described in old texts, but few have been discovered. The few that have been found fell through rifts in the sky, which seem to be fairly common but usually nothing falls through. The creatures that have been discovered are: Mantakar, Kcaáinotso, Chirus, Blood Frogs and Amphull. From the attack that Kcaáinotso caused, these creatures size and strength makes them a dangerous kind.


The Story of Ehaira

The story of Ehaira is told to millions of frightened people during the nights when big groups go camping in the grasslands of the Region of Sarra.   The story describes a young girl named Ehaira, who was present when the Demons ripped their way through the dimensions, and made their way onto Greenerth. For an unknown reason, she decided to fly into the dimensional tear, making her way into the horror dimension. It was there where she was then possessed by one of the demons, since their powers are enhanced in this dimension, or rather, diminished in the overworld. She was made to do terrible things to the people of Greenerth. Every few years, she used her heightened abilities in magic to rip through the dimensions to Greenerth, letting through many dangerous creatures, such as the Kcaáinotso and the Blood Frogs which continue to terrorise the Aar-Aori in the Sarabar Swamp.
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