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Shatterspace is the realm between realms; the corridor to access new areas. Shatterspace is described as a pure harmony, a place where you feel complete, while also feeling in more danger than you have ever felt before.


The shatterspace is a flat, invisible plane of nothingness. Within the shatterspace are "portals" to other dimensions; large rifts sliced through the air, with the other side completely visible. These portals only appear in the shatterspace, and cannot be seen nor accessed from the dimension on the other side. As you are walking through the shatterspace, the portals will appear randomly. You could travel for centuries and not find a single portal, while another lucky soul may travel for a mere minute and thousands appear

These portals won't remain here forever, either, as they run the risk of dying. A portal will die in just a few minutes after being opened, and if someone were to walk through the portal as it died the person would die too, and would be taken to the afterlife.


It is incredibly difficult to access the shatterspace. There are only two ways of getting there, both of which are extremely hard to make possible.

Summoning a portal

A special type of portal can be opened to access the shatterspace. Similar to how shatterspace portals are only visible on one side, these can only be walked through one way. By casting an extremely complex portal spell only accessible by high-class mages, you can successfully create a portal to this dimension, and in turn have access to every single dimension.

Sheer Luck

If you are not a high-class mage, or a mage at all, there is another way to get to the shatterspace. It is more difficult, however. By sheer, dumb luck you could come across a portal to this realm. It is extremely rare, and has only been documented once in the Yonderverse. The math is all there, and there is scientific evidence to support shatterspace portals existing, but it's just the case of them being so rare.


Just a handful of species live in the shatterspace - the most common being fractured fish. These fish appear as fractured remains of old dimensions, as when a dimension dies they leave small shards in the shape of fish. Why? Nobody knows. Another creature in the shatterspace is the gravity whale. These giant creatures swim in every direction, defying the laws of gravity, travelling in herds of millions to form huge murmurations.
Alternative Name(s)
Corridor Dimension
Dimensional plane
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