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Time Dimension

The Time Dimension is one of the endless dimensions in the Yonderverse. This particular dimension exists uniquely to every other, integrated with almost every other dimension as it pulls along the others, creating the passing of time.


Very few people in the Yonderverse understand what time is. Time is a liquid found only in this dimension. As it flows through the dimension, it drags along other dimensions and creates what is seen as the passing of time. This liquid tastes like berries, smells like petrol, and is a turquoise colour.

Time cannot be physically interacted with, but it can be manipulated through magical means.

Time Travel

Something most can only dream of, time travel is not only possible, but reliable. However, time travel require great strength, mentally and physically, and great magical abilities.

Time Travel is only possible through the use of Time Magic, which relies on the Time Dimension. Due to the complexity, only the strongest of mages are able to harness the Time Dimension's powers. After conducting a barrage of powerful spells, one's vision will start to blur and the Time Dimension will become partially visible. The user will be able to force the flow of a small portion of time backwards, which will cause the user to be sent back in time, at a constant speed, until time stabilises and begins flowing normally.

Time will flow normally while the user exists in the past. In order to get back to the user's present, they must push time to flow faster than it normally does, which will send them through time straight to their present, but no further. The user will not age during the time where they do not exist in their present.


Just a handful of creatures live in the Time Dimension. The most common creature are aels. Aels are extremely long eel-resembling creatures, with cloud-like fins and shimmering silver scales. Aels consume time and regurgitates it soon after, which causes the phenomenon known as deja vu.
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