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Capital Dimension

The Capital Dimension is the most populated dimension in the Yonderverse. Many consider it to be the most important dimension, hence the name. Those not familiar with other dimension, like Sabala, Time Dimension, Horror Dimension and the Glitter Field, consider the Capital Dimension to be the entire Yonderverse.

Geography & Important Locations

Aavar's River

A considerably small location compared to others in the Capital Dimension, Aavar's River contains 99.999% of all life. Named after Apalian deity Aavar, God of Gods, Aavar's River is the largest (and only) collection of solar systems in the Yonderverse. It stretches an unimaginable distance, and is protected from outside radiation by a thick mineral veil.

Aavar's River

Crystal Minefield

Located just a few trillion megaparsecs away from Aavar's River, the crystal minefield is one of the most grand locations in the Yonderverse. The beings living here are the same size as any regular star in a galaxy, and they spend their entire lives mindlessly mining away at the crystals, as part of one massive hivemind.

It is ruled over by the Chaos Queen. The most brutal monster in the Yonderverse, the Chaos Queen is a creature of pure evil and monstrocity. Without a care for life and anyone but herself, she orders her mindless minions to feed her the crystals from the crystal minefield. Every time the crystals explodes the Chaos Queen gets angry, and puts a curse on every living creature in the Yonderverse.

Exodimensional Colonisation

Many civilisations and empires from other dimensions seek to take control of the Capital Dimension. This dimension contains more energy and power than all other dimensions combined, and taking control of it would mean total domination of the Yonderverse. Many superpowered individuals have attempted, but failed thanks to overwhelming power causing them to literally explode from the pressure.

Recently more organisations have been more successful in dominating other dimensions. The Lux of Sabala currently occupy seventeen other dimensions, in an attempt to claim the Capital Dimension and the entire Yonderverse as their own, transforming it into a paradise that only they can call home.

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