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Sabala is a dimension where phosphomancy is drawn from. This dimension is widely known with magic users, and is regarded as one of the most powerful dimensions containing one of the most powerfuly energy sources. This dimension is home to the Lux, a powerful group of magical entities.

Cultural Significance

Sabala is featured and referenced in cultures from many different planets. Its most common name is "Sabala", which literally translates to light. Their inhabitants, the Lux, also translates to light. Sabala is described as an unimaginable plane of existence, full of incredibly powerful photonic energy.

Sabala's inhabitants are mentioned in various cultures Yonderverse-wide. The Lux are percieved differently in various cultures; angels, demons, ghosts, ghouls, djinn, si'la, among many others. They are both praised and feared among people, even when their true physical appearances have never been seen by anyone outside of Sabala.


The Lux are a magical group of entities native to Sabala. They live in a grand city, constructed out of hardened photonic energy, which can be manipulated to great lengths by the Lux. Their closely-knit civilisation is built as a towering empire, overlooking the vast emptiness of the dimension. The Lux have fire in their hearts, and their goal of taking control of all the other dimensions only grows stronger over time.

The Lux seldom leave their home dimension. When they do, they are stripped of most of their powers of photonic energy manipulation, and rely on immense strength, durability, and a few other powers. They have successfully taken control of several major dimensions, much less significant than the Capital Dimension. Their eventual goal is to take over the Capital Dimension, and their plans have alerted the People's Association into forming a large group of legendary figures to stop them.

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