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Navillan Galaxy

The Navillan Galaxy is a small galaxy in the Alvas Quadrant of District 3. The entire galaxy is under strict control, governed by the Avallai. These sophonts are so intelligent they have created technomagical barriers that prevent anybody other than their species from leaving or entering the galaxy.

In Aavar's River this galaxy appears as a dark blue.

Aavar's River

Galactic Center

The Navillan Galaxy does not have a traditional galactic center. What each and every solar system orbits is actually a supermassive detention centre for anybody who attempts to leave or enter the galaxy. This detention centre is thirteen million light years long, and contains not only sophonts but any and every animal that has attempted to pass the border. Whatever comes into contact with this border is instantly transferred into a holding cell via cellular duplication and desintegration. This method of teleportation is ill-advised for it literally copies one's entire cellular structure, pasting it at a new location at the exact same time, while destroying the original copy.

Lenticular Galaxy

The Navillan Galaxy is a lenticular galaxy. It has the traditional disc-shape seen in spiral galaxies but lacks the spiral arms. These galaxies aren't as common, and in terms of star production, are on the lower end. Some theorise that lenticular galaxies are elder spiral galaxies that have lived for so long their arms have faded.


The Avallai are a species of intelligent mammaloid from planet Xephine. They are built for speed, strength, intelligence, and are overall one of the most developed species in the Yonderverse. Thankfully, they have refined themselves to their home galaxy, the Navillan Galaxy. Unfortunately, they have completely taken control of the galaxy and forced everyone under any solar system orbiting the detention centre to commit to intense labour for the duration of their lives.


The 'Border', also known as the 'Edge of the Known World' to the galaxy's inhabitants, is a large ovoid shaped barrier that denies anybody from entering or leaving the galaxy. It is made with classic Avallai technology - a lattice of bugbeams and snail ropes detect movement through the border, and the cellular duplication and desintegration devices will teleport people into the detention centre if they dare try and cross the border.

Most unintelligent life is desintegrated upon entering the detention centre, but sophonts are kept in holding cells. They succumb to some of the most brutal forms of torture in the entire Yonderverse,

Location under
Number of stars
19 billion
Number of solar systems
12.3 billion

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