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District 3

District 3 is one of three districts in Aavar's River, the other two being District 1 and District 2. District 3 is regarded as the most dangerous of the three Districts, because of the abundance of dangerous locations and species.


District 1 is the closest of the three Districts to the Centre of the Yonderverse. It can be accessed from District 2 through the Galactic Highway, with several main roads that lead through the Ignited Wall.

Significant Galaxies and Galactic Clusters

Paliox Galaxy

The Paliox Galaxy is by far the largest galaxy in District 3. With over nine hundred billion stars, there are almost twice as many planets. Each planet is home to extremely dangerous life forms, flora, fauna, fungi, the lot, making this galaxy one of the most dangerous places in the Yonderverse.


Man is not a galaxy, nor a galactic cluster, but its presence is so large that it is deserving of a mention. Man is what looks like a deceased deity. What is interesting about man is that it has clearly been deceased for a very long time. What is more interesting is that its size makes no sense. A deity's astral form is proportionate to its strength, and the supposed strongest deity of all, Aavar, God of Gods's astral form is not even half the size of this deity. Its presence in this District has and always will remain a mystery.
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Included Locations
Inhabiting Species
List of Galaxies
  • Paliox Galaxy

      List of Solar Systems
  • Illiak System
  • Moul System
  • Porys System
  • Tahann System
  • Ueran System


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