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AO5 System

The AO5 System is without a doubt the most well-known solar system in the Pereleos Galaxy and in District 1. The five planet's memorable names are home to an array of colourful and harmless species, as is everything in District 1.

AO5 is centralised around Pamela, a main sequence star (see Star Life Cycle), and is roughly 16 billion years old. Five planets orbit Pamela: Steve, Mike, Greg, Bob, and Dave.



- 51 Moons
- 0.9 AU from Pamela

The first planet orbiting Pamela, Steve is the most populated planet in the entire solar system. Their robust hypercities stand proud over the green mist that coats the planet. Even from space these cities are visible, as they stretch thousands of miles around the lands and oceans.

The cities are constructed so high up thanks to the unpredictable tides. With 51 moons, a specific type of natural satellite, all controlling the tides, the lands are constantly flooded. Because of this, a large percentage of organisms on the planet are semi-aquatic, and can survive in both land and water.


- 9 Moons
- 1.2 AU from Pamela

The smallest planet orbiting Pamela with a radius of just under 2,000km, Mike is home to little life, in terms of both size and population. The largest animal species, radiant frogs, are just over three inches in length. Because of the lack of life, Mike is used as a military base for Karkhala, a planet that loves to prey on Harvesting Planets.

The warm climates have stimulated the growth of chromium ferns, small plants that grow in large fields around large rivers. The composition of the atmosphere is unlike any other in the solar system, and anybody who visits must wear secure spacesuits to allow them to breathe.


- 2 Moons
- 6.5 AU from Pamela

Greg is another harvesting planet in this solar system. Greg is a planet of barren, cracked deserts on one side, and frozen wastelands on the other. Greg is a tidally locked planet, meaning it rotates as fast as it orbits Pamela, and therefore only one side of the planet ever sees sunlight.

This makes for some interesting life forms on the planet, as some must survive scorching temperatures, while others must survive sub-zero climates. As soon as the Uuyurians of Bob explored this planet, they declared it an ally thanks to the lack of sapient life that could disagree with them.


- 3 Moons
- 10 AU from Pamela

The only planet in this solar system to fully embrace what it means to be a District 1 planet, there is absolutely nothing on Bob that could harm you. The most dangerous creature, birdlizards, are made of air and cannot touch you, the giggandas that guard the mountains have rubber on their horns and when they headbutt you it's like being attacked by jelly, and even the ground is squishy enough to break your fall.

Bob is one of just two planets in the AO5 System to contain sapient life. Bob has more than Dave, with three sapient species: the uuyurians, yunites, and the eriuks. The uuyurians have achieved space-travel but refuse to share it with their neighbour species, and for the past fifty years select uuyurians have been travelling to other planets, declaring them allies even if nobody lives on them, like Greg.


- 99 Moons
- 12.7 AU from Pamela

The very furthest planet from Pamela, Dave is an extremely large oceanic planet. Dave lacks a proper core, and instead has an array of large "core stones" that orbit from within the planet, and provide a balance to the space blob.

The entirety of the planet is wrapped in a thick veil of pink and purple smog. The acidic waters of Dave release pollutants in the air, and produce the bright colours. The resident davites are large jellyfish people, that release acids into the water that change the planet's overall pH significantly, resulting in a stronger veil of toxic smog around the planet.

Karkhalan Colonisation

Karkhala is an infamous planet around Aavar's River, particularly in Districts 1 and 2. The planet is come to many Trans-Planetary Corporations that settle down on various other celestial objects as well as planets, taking resources for their own. Karkhala owns countless harvesting planets, as well as sharing some with other planets. Karkhala harvests resources, provides tourist holidays and resorts, will do anything to earn themselves more money.

Planets in District 1 are well known for being perfect tourist sites. Despite the people of Bob disagreeing with this, Karkhala set up many resorts on the planet, taking up valuable space that wasn't rightfully theirs and eventually turned most of the planet into a tourist hotspot. In recent years the people of Bob have tried to fight back, but have so far been unsuccessful due to Karkhala's technology overpowering Bob's.


The five planets and the entire solar system were named by a resident of Karkhala, named Auria Otoo. The solar system is based off her initials, plus the number of planets in the system. Each planet was named after one of her close friends in her friend group, Steve, Mike, Greg, Bob, and Dave.

The residents of Bob and Dave are not happy that their planet is colloquially named after some random people from a planet that has taken up much of their planets. The names unfortunately caught on thanks to their easy pronunciation, and is now used across the Yonderverse.

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