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Trans-Planetary Corporation

A Trans-Planetary Corporation, or a TPC, is a corporation that is based on one planet but with factories, bases etc. in other planets. A famous example is Karkhala Industries, based in Karkhala but with bases on hundreds of other planets and celestial objects.


Planets and organisations settling down in other planets to collect materials and resources has long taken place, but the term for it is fairly new. In fact, the first use of the term dates back to the founding of Karkhala Industries. As a planet, Karkhala was very famous for showing up randomly at planets and taking control of a small area, turning it into a giant quarry to mine resources. The founder of Karkhala Industries announced the corporation as the first Trans-Planetary Corporation, one that would have bases on hundreds of planets, mining resources and trading them with others, to advance every life form in the Yonderverse. This was absolute nonsense, of course, as the founder's only motive was increasing his own wealth.

Since then, TPCs have popped up on countless planets. It is uncommon now to see a Harvesting Planet without company bases harvesting all of it's resources. Harvesting planets are so popular they are often co-owned by several different TPCs, such as Venviri. Venviri is owned by twenty planets, including Karkhala of course, Talerin, Jupiter and Mars.


Mining for resource is the most common activity of a TPC base. Precious ores, metals, rock, can all be gathered from mining, as well as many types of unique resources. Mining for resources and then trading some away benefits both the corporation and those the resource is traded to, which is why mining is so popular.


Some TPCs have factories that turn raw materials into more expensive, processed materials. These factories hire workers from the planet with low wages, and the materials they create are sold for high prices. This benefits the TPC more than it does the planet it is situated on and its workers, because the majority of the money goes back to the corporation.

Harvesting Planets

Like vultures with a carcass, TPCs always watch out for harvesting planets. A harvesting planet is one that does not house a sapient species, and hasn't for over a year in their time. It is then legal for another planet to "own" said harvesting planet. The name "harvesting planet" comes from the fact that most of the time, TPCs settle down on harvesting planets to collect materials, particularly those limited to just that planet.

Most solar systems have at least one harvesting planet, such as the Kinosmo, Kurhira, Ueran and Maiain Systems.

Subsidiary Organizations

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