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Kurhira System

Kurhira is a large solar system containing eleven planets. The solar system is infamous for being the native solar system of the Karkhalans, scavengers who like to prey on poorly developed planets and claim it as their own.

The solar system contains eleven planets: Hell, Karkhala, Nalmaria, Sacaethea, Hothiri, Cilvarth, Ivucarro, Osao, Theria, Xibronoe, and Venviri.

Kurhira is centralised around Afuph, a main sequence star (see Star Life Cycle).

Kurhira also contains many other objects orbiting Afuph. Kurhira contains seven small labyrinth seas that orbit Afuph in an asteroid belt between Nalmaria and Sacaethea, home to thousands of unieterror species.



- 1 Moon
- 0.3 AU from Afuph

Hell is the first planet orbiting Afuph, and like usual, it is the hottest. Hell is unsurprisingly coated in fields of volcanic rock, oceans, lakes and rivers of running lava, and a continuously altering atmosphere due to the ever-erupting volcanoes sprinkled on the planet. Hell is inhabited by a large amount of megafauna, including helsauruses that endlessly circle the planet along their worn-down paths.

There are many vital resources to be found on this planet, and its lack of native intelligent life means that it can be, and is, owned by corporations from other planets. Hell is not owned by a single other planet, but small portions of it are governed by different planets. Karkhala was the first planet to claim ownership of Hell, and Karkhala Industries has constructed several large quarries to mine the valuable minerals stored underground.


- 3 Moons
- 0.9 AU from Afuph

The planet's effervescent rainforests are full of life, including two vastly unique intelligent species. The oanie are the extremely intelligent ape-like beings found in treetop megacities, and the ossainos are territorial semi-aquatic reptiles found directly below, lurking in the murky swampwaters.

On Karkhala the ossainos are looked down on thanks to their limited mental capabilities, but outside of the planet the oanie are greatly frowned upon, for they are the most horrible of scavengers, and will take over any planet, asteroid or moon with no native intelligent life, and will harvest every last resource and use it for their own gain.

They even have the gall to try and wipe out small populations on planets, as seen on the planet Bob where despite the population of people being extremely high, the oanie are desperate to take over the planet.


- 19 Moons
- 2.1 AU from Afuph

If you're arachnophobic, avoid this planet at all costs. Nalmaria's most dominant species are hostilins, giant arachnid species that can grow up to a mile tall, and twice as wide with their eight spindly legs. Hostilins, as in their name, are rather hostile. They do not take too kindly to visitors, and as instructed by their hivemind Queen that resides as the very core of the planet, they will attack any foreigners.

However, it may please you to know that there is one location the hostilins do not tread. The Habitable Zone is a large island in the Southern Hemisphere, where for some unknown reason, hostilins do not venture. The Habitable Zone was the one location that the kavaari discovered on their venture to discover a new home planet, but unfortunately the island was not enough and they fled to another planet, and left behind one of their signature kavaari statues.

The white oceans are not actually a liquid but instead are vast silken expanses, or hostilin nests. The planet is slowly cracking apart as the Queen hostilin took the role of the planet's core, and the only thing keeping Nalmaria stable are these silken oceans. One can only hope the oceans keep the planet stable, as the consequences would be catastrophic.



- 2 Moons
- 3.4 AU from Afuph

The shattering of the one of the two continents thanks to a large asteroid has resulted in millions of tiny islands forming in a congregatory archipelago. These small islands all sit on a very shallow ocean, just a few hundred metres at its deepest. These islands are inhabited by pirates, not to be confused with Greenerth's cephalopod pirates.

The pirates of Sacaethea have carved out giant cities in the gargantuan trees that stand several miles tall, tickling the pinkish clouds. These pirates are constantly at battle with rocs, large birds named after a mythical bird of the same name. The wings of these birds are so large that they can create small tidal waves if they glide too close to the surface of the oceans.


- 0 Moons
- 4.9 AU from Afuph

The fifth planet from the solar system's singular star, Hothiri is another planet dominated by oceans. In fact, there is just one island on the planet, being Iroquet. There are seven underwater domains on Hothiri, each home to a completely different geological structure. Perhaps the most unique is the Shattered Domain, characterised by multiple layers of flat rock, unevenly distributed giving this "shattered" appearance.

In all of Hothiri's history, no sapient species has ever evolved. As well, Hothiri has been the legal property of over 330 planets since its beginning, most recently Karkhala. Karkhala Industries is the largest organisation set up on the planet, extracting various materials and resources such as corals and plants, selling them to other planets for lots of money.


- 1 Moon
- 6.9 AU from Afuph

The cilvarthian's obsession with tea, a cultural drink from many different planets, has resulted in some peculiar cultures. Cilvarthians are some of the oldest intelligent species in this solar system, and they are frequent travellers to other planets, bringing along their tea cultures and spreading it amongst anyone who will listen.

Cilvarth's two continents, Aurea and Jisefea, contain some vibrant biomes and environments, resulting in millions of different animal and plant species. Many people migrate to this planet as it offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the Yonderverse, particularly Seacos, a city famous for its landscapes.


- 8 Moons
- 10 AU from Afuph

Home to the only hyper-adaptive intelligent species, the metraphites, Ivucarro contains four continents, vastly different in climate. A hyper-adaptive species is one that is able to drastically change its physical appearance in order to suit its environment. Some are able to undergo this adaptation instantly, some species require several generations before these drastic changes occur, and the latter is the case for the metraphites of Ivucarro.

There are nineteen recognised races of metraphites, each the same species yet are physically completely different. These nineteen races live in nineteen separate settlements, in order to not accidentally create any more unique metraphites as most struggle to remember all nineteen races.


- 1 Moon
- 14.5 AU from Afuph

Osao is easily the most vibrant planet in the Kurhira System. Inhabited by slimes, the settlements of Osao consist of large bubbles made of the renewable material that make up slime bodies.

Despite these unusual settlements and slimes, the environments are the most interesting part of this planet. There are 7 major biomes on the planet, each a different colour. These major biomes have sub-biomes that can be found worldwide. It is complicated, but makes for incredibly interesting locations and landscapes.

Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.


- 17 Moons
- 17.2 AU from Afuph

Theria is most known for its pinkish colour palette, evident in both environment and its resident lemen's architecture. The lemens live in highly advanced cities, buildings carved into swirling patterns, towering high into the skies. The three continents on Theria are all extremely mountainous, and is almost impossible to climb up the cliffs around the coasts as more often than not, they curve outwards.

Not only are there these three continents sticking out of the purple oceans, there are millions of large floating islands dotted in the skies, with black and purple vines forming bridges to and from each other. Many corporations, such as Karkhala Industries, are patiently waiting for lemens to die out, as deep underground below the continents of Theria are resources so valuable and so rare that even the lemens aren't aware of them.


- 9 Moons
- 19 AU from Afuph

Raging storms whip around the skies of this planet. From space, Xibronoe appears lifeless thanks to the storms that form a layer over the entire atmosphere, but if one can brave through it, they will find that the surface of the planet is one of the most lively ecosystems in the solar system.

The storms on Xibronoe are of the glaze variety, a particularly rare type of storm that produces laurelite shards. A burning water is the product of a reaction between laurelite and water, and under high pressure will harden into laurelite shards. These are extracted and sold as jewelry for high prices, thanks to their rarity.


- 6 Moons
- 40 AU from Afuph

The furthest planet from Afuph, Venviri is full of unusual life-forms. These animals have evolved to deal with very strange environments, ones that most other species in the Yonderverse couldn't handle. Such examples include shimmyrocks, an ant species able to conduct immediate duplication to distract predators.

Karkhala owns the entiret of Venviri, as there is no native intelligent species on the planet. The planet contains literal tonnes of valuable resources such as crude oil erupted from volcanoes, mercury and diamond rivers, and sulphur deserts.

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