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Aecotia (Aye-coe-shah)

Aecotia is one of the five continents on Osao.

Geography, Location & Climate

Aecotia consists of four coloured biomes; orange and yellow on the mainland, as well as pink and dark blue islands also under the continent's name.

In the very south of the mainland is the Arid Flatlands, an orange biome with absolutely zero change in altitude.

Countless coastal coralspike islands can be found to the west and southwest of the mainland. They range in size and altitude, but most are relatively flat with small stone spires covered in coral.

On the east coast of the mainland are three large islands, two pink islands and one dark blue.


The mainland is located directly between Uaelor and Eudan, with various islands almost reaching Uaelor's borders. The mainland consists of a massive Ink Kingdom, named after the ink-producing cephalopods found there, as well as two orange deserts. To the north of Aecotia is the Apalous Desert, a lush desert containing many oases of apalous, a liquid identical to water but with magical effects on nature.

Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.


Aecotia is the birthplace of slimes, originating approximately 30,000 years ago in the Ink Kingdom. Prehistoric slimes were not very advaced, and life in Aecotia never really progressed. That was until they started travelling to nearby islands, gradually making their way to the east coast of Eudan.

Aecotia is the least populated continent on the planet. As slimes began discovering new places and new continents, they abandoned their home continent. While slimes existed solely in Aecotia, they dominated the continent and many other species went extinct, but as they started to disperse wildlife and ecosystems bounced back.

Some slimes returned to Aecotia, forming small settlements scattered throughout the Ink Kingdom and the Apalous Desert.


Aecotia is famous for its abundance of cephalopods in the Ink Kingdom. With 903 identified species of cephalopod, the continent is home to 92% of all cephalopod species on the planet. The most well-known cephalopod from Aecotia are the cottage squids, a family of squids known to make small houses out of clay and dirt, above sea level yet filled with water.

Aside from cephalopods, there are countless birds, reptiles, saltwater amphibians, fish and invertebrate species calling this continent home. Hoary deseles are a type of bird resembling, but not related to the common deseles of Eudan. They are extremely common and can be found across the entire continent, primarily in the Apalous Desert.

There are very few flora species in Aecotia, as coral has filled all of the ecological niches. The branch of coral found on Osao are able to photosynthesise, using variants of chloroplasts that are yellow and orange in colour.

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