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Osao is a planet in the Kurhira System in the Milky Way. It is the eighth planet orbiting the star Afuph, and is most famous for its slime sophonts.

Geography, Location & Climate

Osao is split into five continents: Aecotia, Uaelor, Unuth, Ecela and Eudan. These five continents all exist on separate landmasses.


Aecotia is the birthplace of slimes, originating approximately 30,000 years ago in the Ink Kingdom. Prehistoric slimes were not very advaced, and life in Aecotia never really progressed. That was until they started travelling to nearby islands, gradually making their way to the east coast of Uaelor.

Aecotia is famous for its abundance of cephalopods in the Ink Kingdom. With 903 identified species of cephalopod, the continent is home to 92% of all cephalopod species on the planet. The most well-known cephalopod from Aecotia are the cottage squids, a family of squids known to make small houses out of clay and dirt, above sea level yet filled with water.


Uaelor has not been inhabited for long, but despite that it is now one of the most populated continents on the planet. The first settlers arrived about a thousand years ago, after discovering that the environments, which are normally toxic to most animals, have zero effect on slimes. Because of their physiology which is so different from any other animal on the planet, the toxins in the soil, air, and water don't negatively affect slimes.

Because of the toxicity of the environments in Uaelor, there is little life on this continent. Those that do live here are primarily invertebrates, as they can adapt much faster than vertebrates can. Nimble fingers are a small moth species that live as a caterpillar for 10 weeks, becoming a moth on the final day of their short lives. These hawkmoths are a common species that have learnt to absorb the toxins and use it for energy.


Unuth is the largest continent on the planet, and the most southern continent. It consists of red, orange, yellow, pink, mint, light and dark blue biomes. It is generally warm, an average of 35℃ during winters. Unuth is populated with desert slimes to the west, in the hot squishy deserts.

Unuth is home to a great variety of animal, plant and fungi species, as there are a variety of biomes with differing climates. There are almost five thousand identified vertebrate species, and 16,000 invertebrate species, in Unuth. There is a large population of slimes, particularly desert and tropical subspecies. As well, death pigs are common in Unuth, especially around the Unuth Red Desert in the west of the continent.


Ecela is the second smallest continent on the planet, and is located just north of Unuth. This continent consists of just two biomes; yellow Coral Desert and light blue Ecela Plains. The most populated city in the Ecela is Sakara. This city is carved out of the tallest cliff face in the Coral Desert, and every single house looks out on to the shimmering, vibrant ocean. The city has a population of 3,405,592, with thousands of these refugees from Sacaethea after the Battle of Tretera left millions of pirates without homes, many of which found refuge on Osao.

Ecela is brimming with fauna species, especially in the Coral Desert. Coral otters have a symbiotic relationship with the yellow land coral - they share the same body. The coral are able to photosynthesise, using a variant of chlorophyll that produces a bright yellow colour rather than a green. The otters are mobile, which allows the coral to spread their polyps, while the otters constantly have a source of energy from sunlight.


Eudan is the most populated continent. Eudan was home to three important ancient civilisations: the Ephenic, Bretenans, and the Albins. Dominating Eudan 15,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, and 2,000 years ago respectively, each civilisation had major impacts on the continent. The Ephenic were the first settlers on Eudan, arriving from Aecotia around 15,000 years ago.

As a diverse continent, there is no shortage of fauna, flora and fungi. With a population of 4,000,000,000, common deseles are the most populous species on Eudan. These small pink passerines can shed their feathers in minutes and regrow them in the same time, fly without feathers, and they are supremely adapted to any and all climates on the planet. Interestingly though, they have not left the continent.

Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.


History of Osao Timeline

Osao was mostly uninhabited for the first 2 billion years of its 7 billion year life. The planet was lived on by small bacteria and the tiniest of invertebrate species, most of which in the various gelatinous oceans. About 5 billion years ago, the first vertebrates started appearing. These animals, in less than a million years, evolved from miniscule lobe-finned fish to land-based tetrapods.

Slime-like animals with very simplistic skeletons started appearing approximately ten million years ago. They dominated the planet for millions of years, but most died out after paranormal heatwaves raged the planet. Before this phenomenon, the planet was much cooler, but the heatwaves changed the climates of the planet permanently.

A handful of these gelatinous creatures survived, which evolved into slimes. The first slimes existed about thirty thousand years ago, in Aecotia. When inventing boats and water-based travel, they explored western Uaelor and other continents. They slowly founded settlements and civilisations across the planet, and through trade and development they quickly discovered how to travel in space.

Fauna & Flora

Osao has an endless number of rich ecosystems worldwide. From the boiling deserts of Unuth and Uaelor, to the meadows and marshes of Eudan, there are countless tropical biomes around the planet that are inhabited by many different animals. Because of the drastic differences in climates in different biomes bordering each other, few animals can be found in multiple biomes and most are endemic to a specific location.

Slime Fishing by Mochi

The native sophonts, slimes, are a cosmopolitan species, found worldwide. They are a hyper-adaptive species, and their progenic hyper-adaptivity means that over several generations, their physiologies can be completely different from each other. This has helped them dominate the planet, finding refuge in each and every biome, regardless of the climate and environments.


Slimes don't have the best reputation in space, thanks to their gooey bodies that coat every surface they touch, and so visits from exoplanetary foreigners aren't exactly common. Nevertheless, tourism has become more popular in recent years, and many people like to visit them as if the planet is a zoo. Most, if not all, slimes take offence to this, because it suggests they are a lower lifeform which they are most certainly not.

Space Legion

Osao's Space Legion was established in the year 205DMS. The planetary and satellite bases constructions were finished on the same date, and in that year the Osae Space Legion put into place their first law. This law banned the discrimation of slimes in public spacings, which includes pubs, inns, taverns, places of hospitality, among many other places. This law was put into place immediately, due to slimes having sufferent from Alienism.


  • Osao
    Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.


Azure Pelican
Banana Hammer
Bird Watcher's Journal
Blue Plateau
Booty Cruise Ship
Booty Cruises
Bulkhead Dolphinfish
Carawin Trench
Carrot Lands
Cottonball Cottonball
Creatures of Osao
Death Pig
Dove's Tail Desert
Dove's Wing Desert
Eccentric Meadows
Ecology of the Osao Ocean
Elder Tentacle Tree
Ephenic Empire
Epithelial Rhym
Epystal Islands
Epystal Islands Native Wildlife Protection Act 1008
Excess Slime Production
Extinct Wildlife of Osao
Ferrous Banana Tart
Gala Reien
Gelletti's Penguin
Glossy Holehead
Gold-Crested Crow
Head Legional Mansion
Hex Queen
Ink Kingdom Environment Act 646
Inky Isles
Kittman's Trench
Lace-Fingered Brittle Star
Lava Cream
Lunar Grove
Major Landmarks of Osao
Marsh Forest
North Uaelor Coralspikes
Nylis Meadows
Osao Biomes
Osao Calendar
Osao Ocean
Osao Space Legion
Osao's Exploration into Greater Kurhira
Osaoan Wildlife Preservation Society
Pale Catfish
Pelican Isles
Pijhi Popp
Pink Hailstorm
Purple Banana Tree
Red Waxcap
Sakara Birdwatching University
Sakara Fishing Platform
Seaslime's Whart
Shedding Wig
Slime Culture
Slime Generator
Slime Rot
Slime's First Birthday
Slippa Bob
Solotolo Soosoo
Sour Lake
South Uaelor Coralspikes
Sparkling Slimes
Sparkling Sodalands
State Birds of Osao
Tangle Fern
Top Universities in Osao
Uaelor Red Desert
Unuth Coralspikes
Unuth Glitter Forest
Unuth Red Desert
Zcarazas Plains

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