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Booty Cruises

CW: This article contains talks of sex, sexual assault and suicide.

Pleasure is our No. 1 priority.
— Booty Cruises

Booty Cruises is a multi-regional cruise travel organisation based in the Ink Kingdom of Osao. The cruise lines cater mostly to the slime species, but as they are open-minded people, foreigners are encouraged to travel as well for a unique and wonderful experience.


The organisation itself dates back to 890, when small-time entrepreneur Lunar Grove set up an amateur business in his backyard. These 'cruise ships' at this point in time were nothing more than some blankets laid on a flat sheet of heated rock, while Grove delicately massaged his customers.

Slimes value pleasure such as this, so the Booty Grove company was incredibly popular, so popular that Grove was able to upgrade from a back-garden to a fully functional facility in the form of a rare three-story building in Aerawich.

This three-story building was situated on Aerawich's coastline, on a functional port targeting tourism as its main form of income. Grove settled on the idea of designing personalised boats for pleasure - a single customer would board a small boat alongside Grove, spending the entire day engaging in various pleasureful activities. Grove's business increased in popularity tenfold over a couple of years, earning himself enough money to expand his business and design even larger boats.

The Booty Cruise Ships were first set out to sea in 893, 149 years before present day. Back then they were nothing more than large boats hosting 2 - 3 people, designed to please only one customer. The high quality of the spa treatments brought in lots of money and attention, and the company adapted to reviews and improved consistently.

Their ship's most famous upgrade came in 937, when the first Booty Cruise Ship was released to the public. This high-end cruise ship consisted of 500 workers, and could seat 600 customers ready for two to six months of pleasure. This cruise ship caught the attention of Slimidn Shsin, a world-famous entrepreneur who advertised the Booty Cruise Ship. In the next year, this company saw triple the number of customers, prompting the release of six new cruise ships.

Slippa Bob

In 939 Lunar Grove hired an assistant, Slippa Bob. Grove was open about his relationship with Bob, as employee fraternisation was encouraged in many Osaoan cultures as it 'promotes friendly relationships within a company'. As several years went by, Grove and Bob's relationship improved alongside the company, which garnered more and more global attention, acquiring more ambassadors and promotions.

In 945, it was revealed that Grove had seven secret relationships for the duration of him dating Bob. In an outrage, the global populace criticised Grove for not being honest about his sexual deviance. Bob was fired a day after the scandal surfaced, prompting him to lash out at Grove on social media, claiming he was a sexual predator.

With his reputation down the drain, Grove was quick to commit suicide by ingesting an explosive device, one of few ways for a slime to commit suicide as their anatomies are rather hardy. Bob was re-hired within the company and immediately promoted as President of the company, as Grove had signed a contract that would do exactly this. Grove forgot about this part of the contract before he died, otherwise he would have not killed himself.

Bob was able to regain the trust of the community and Booty Cruises managed to get back on the podium it previously sat on.

Current Fleet

Ship Built Gross Tonnage Notes
SM Aecotia 963 136,302 The oldest active cruise ship in the fleet.
SM Kingis 983 165,434 At the time of construction this was the heaviest cruise ship currently active.
SM Patches 989 164,203 The longest cruise ship on the planet to date.
SM Ade 991 169,293 SM Ade has carried the largest number of passengers at any one time, at roughly 80,000, 40x the max tourist capacity. This was due to them saving an entire refugee species.
SM Cambran 1000 170,239 A celebratory cruiser for the year 1000, SM Cambran has some of the most exquisite forms of pleasure available.
SM Oreo 1004
SM Malvis 1009 The last cruise liner to have been opened to the public.
Quality over Quantity

The organisation spends thousands of hours perfecting each cruise liner, sitting in the planning phase three times as long as the construction phase. Three more cruise liners are in the works, and the organisation is working to 'create the most hyper-modern cruise liners the world has ever seen'.

Corporation, Entertainment
Organization Vehicles

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