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Standing proud for the last ten thousand years, Aerawich is possibly the oldest still inhabited settlement on Osao. Nestled on the border between the Ink Kingdom and the Arid Flatlands, slimes first appeared in this region so archaeologists assume that this was one of the first permanent gatherings of slimes.

This city is perfect for those who enjoy a peaceful life. The countless leisure centres, pristine tide-pools, eclectic wildlife and friendly neighbours makes it a wonderful place to live.


Size and Sprawl



Aerawich is not a very dense city, instead sprawling amongst the tide pools. Few houses reach more than two stories in height, and because of this and cheap house prices, the city is popular with the elderly and young couples who don't seek to have children.


Aerawich is mostly lived in by slimes, many of which have moved from other continents and regions for a quieter lifestyle. A decent percentage of inhabitants are over the age of forty, which is considered elderly.

The city is also home to a small population of pirates, having moved planets from Sacaethea after the Burning Sea War destroyed millions of homes.

Layout & Geography

The north of Aerawich is situated on the tidepools of the Ink Kingdom. Most houses are raised on platforms to avoid sinking into the water, with handrails and walkways to prevent elderly slimes from falling off the edges. The original housing in Aerawich was merged into the ground, with flooding and drowning the most common causes of property damage and death.

Southern Aerawich is situated on the Arid Flatlands, a much easier region to build on. The houses are firmly rooted into the ground, with thin pathways weaving through giant fields.


Slimes may have first appeared around thirty years ago, but Aerawich only dates back around ten thousand. The earliest ruins date back precisely to about 9000 BMS, the most specific guess to be 9023 BMS.

The first settlers were slimes who remained in Aecotia, after many split off to venture into Eudan, the neighbouring continent in the east.

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Glandan Tsunami

Named after Merphis Glandan, an Aecotian hydrologist who incorrectly predicted this tsunami, demolished much of Aerawich in 1583. The tsunami was thirty feet tall, swallowing up the average house in the city. The tsunami wiped out thirty thousand houses before collapsing in on itself, submerging roadways, houses, and the entire ground in two feet of water.

Luckily, much of North Aerawich was built on platforms at this time, so that part of the city was left untouched. The rest of the city was rebuilt in five years, receiving medical aid from a number of other civilisations from around the area.

Founding Date
9023 BMS
Location under

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