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Eudan (You-dan)

Eudan is one of the five continents of Osao, and is the most populated.

Geography, Location & Climate

Eudan contains six coloured biomes on the mainland: red, yellow, teal, light blue, dark blue and pink.

In the north half of the continent is a pink, dark blue and a teal biome. The pink Eccentric Meadows is found to the northwest, the dark blue Marsh Forest is found to the northeast, while the teal Sparkling Sodalands is to the centre of the continent, bordering on the Dove's Wing Desert, a red biome.

The entire continent curves towards the south and the west, and at the very south of the continent is the Dove's Tail Desert, a lush red desert. Bordering both the Dove's Wing and Dove's Tail Desert is the Gala Reien, a light blue biome formed inside an immense canyon, with saltwater lakes at the bottom created by waterfalls from the coast.

Northwest of the Gala Reien is the Apalous Vein, a teal biome consisting of running rivers of apalous, a rare liquid that is entirely hydrophobic, yet acts identically to water and is even made of identical atoms. North of the Apalous Vein is the Blue Plateau, a gigantic portion of flat land raised exactly 65 metres above sea level. On the very west coast of the Blue Plateau is the Coral Mountain, a yellow Coastal Coralspikes biome formed on a single giant spire of coral and stone.

Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.


Eudan was home to three important ancient civilisations: the Ephenic, Bretenans, and the Albins. Dominating Eudan 15,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, and 2,000 years ago respectively, each civilisation had major impacts on the continent. The Ephenic were the first settlers on Eudan, arriving from Aecotia around 15,000 years ago.

They "terraformed" the lands into comfortable places to build settlements on. All of these settlements have since been abandoned, buried underneath soil and rock from landslides, earthquakes, and various other natural disasters. The Ephenic reached a population of about 70,000, which was phenomenal for their day.

Building on top of the structures put in place by the people before, the Bretenans were quick to dominate the continent. They used magic the most heavily out of any ethnic group on the planet, using it to terraform the landscapes even more to create more fertile lands, to domesticate the more unusual of animals, and to construct settlements at faster rates. It is unknown how these people went extinct, since they were seemingly very well adapted.

The Albins only ever inhabited the north of Eudan, but they had arguably the most impact on modern slime societies. At one point, they coexisted with the current slimes that inhabit the planet, and so their cultures and modern cultures have blended together. This is not only seen in societal norms, but also in their architecture which is a bizarre blend of modern hyper-constructivism and albinistic.


As a diverse continent, there is no shortage of fauna, flora and fungi. With a population of 4,000,000,000, common deseles are the most populous species on Eudan. These small pink passerines can shed their feathers in minutes and regrow them in the same time, fly without feathers, and they are supremely adapted to any and all climates on the planet. Interestingly though, they have not left the continent.

The Apalous Vein possesses the highest number of unique species of both fauna and flora of any biome in Eudan. With thirty thousand flora species alone, apalous is a catalyst for plant growth. When it infiltrates the surrounding soil, plants can grow up to 400 times faster. This brings plants to produce seeds more frequently, causing more frequent mutations which allow for faster evolution and more species to arise, outcompeting inferior species for resources.

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