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Azure Pelican

— Azure Pelican
Azure pelicans are a species of reel pelican from the Apalous Vein of Osao. These birds are widespread along the Eastern coastline of the Apalous Vein, occasionally seen around the Blue Plateau and the Gala Reien.


Azure pelicans have a bright blue plumage, as indicated by their common name. These pelicans are on the larger side for pelicans of Osao, reaching three feet in height when resting, and six feet in length. Their wingspan reaches about ten feet in adults, with dark blue and yellow stripes along the underside of the wings.

Their heads are small with beaks almost two feet in length. Their beaks are comprised of three main parts: the upper bill and the two lower bills. The two lower bills are much more flexible and can stretch into almost a full circle, with a large pouch attached, capable of stretching up to twenty times its resting size.


Azure pelicans consume a diet exclusively on crustaceans and fish. By dragging their large pouches along the seabed, they engulf sand and water, as well as any benthic organisms. With their sturdy necks and frames, the birds carry this heavy load to the shores, where they will sit and wait for their pouch to drain out all of the water. The pelicans swallow whatever is left, sand included, which will be excreted at a later date.

Reproduction & Growth

These birds nest in large tube-shaped nests, made of hardened sand on coasts. During nesting season, males will make these nests by mixing their own saliva with the sand, secreted from their foreheads. Females will judge and select their mate for the year based on who made the best nest, and once the batch of ten to twelve eggs have hatched seven weeks later, the nest is destroyed.

Instead of chicks living in the nest for a while, they reside on either the male or the female's back feathers as they float on the sea's surface. The other of the pair will constantly be searching for food and protecting the other and their chicks from any dangers.


Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.

Azure pelicans are found along the Eastern coastline of the Apalous Vein, as well as the Blue Plateau to the North and the Gala Reien to the South. These birds are a coastal marine species, living along the beaches and coastlines.

They spend much of their time diving into the shallow, pristine waters, or lying on their bellies on the surface of the waters in large colonies. They are so common in some places that they have become a minor pest, as boats and ships struggle to get past them. Since they are the State Bird of the Apalous Vein, it is illegal to cause harm to one.

During winters they migrate to the Sparkling Sodalands to seek out the refreshing warmth of the sizzling hot lakes. They form small colonies on the saltwater lakesides, their migrations observed and celebrated by numerous small civilisations along the path.


Azure pelicans are peculiar animals. Their preferred method of communication is through repetitive, abrasive calls. A 1040 study showed that 36% of birdwatchers in the Apalous Vein area consider azure pelican calls to be the most annoying. When communicating with conspecifics at a close range the birds produce a more melodious, ringing call.

While these animals aren't very territorial, getting too close can be risky. They have a history of attacking slimes that get close, even when the birds walk up to them. The birds aren't the most dangerous, but their large beaks can leave bruises.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Pelecanis caeruleus
20 years
Average Height
3 feet
Average Length
6 feet

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