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State Birds of Osao

Each region on Osao has what is known as a State Bird. These birds are protected by law, and cannot be hunted or even injured. These birds can be found on many important crests, particularly Hex Queen familial crests, as a symbol of power and wealth.
Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.

Glamorous Peafowl

Three feet tall, tail feathers almost five feet. Cannot fly and instead climb into trees to scream in the mornings.
Blubber Dun

Azure Pelican

A coastal cliff bird, they dive into oceans and open their blue bills to scoop up crustaceans on the shallow seabed.
Apalous Vein

Rock Roller

Large passerines that like to squish their insect prey with rocks and throw rocks to deter predators. Considered pests in some regions.
Coral Mountain

Aecotian Bull

Spends their entire lives swimming in the oceans and resting on the calm sea’s surface. Large, territorial birds that have been known to attack boats in large groups. One weakness is their fear of loud sounds.
North Uaelor Coralspikes

Crested Tufflet

Tiny waterfowl that hide in dense foliage in the Unuth Glitter Forest. Often seen paired with bapycaras. As both like the attention they get from each other.
Unuth Glitter Forest

Orange Runner

Large birds that seldom fly, they have legs twice the length of their wings. Can run at speeds of up to fifty miles per hour.
Zcarazas Plains

Vivan Treecreeper

One of the only birds on the planet with two pairs of wings, treecreepers are expert navigators of thick forests, using their secondary pair of wings to quickly change direction.
Forest of Beauty


Their bright pink colouration helps them hide from people amongst the pink trees of the Pink Dragon Forest.
Dragon Forest

Scarred Sacrahawk

These birds fly at an altitude of three thousand feet, where they can still see the ground level clearly, spotting animals moving as small as a death pig.
Dove's Wing Desert


Small passerines that are commonly hunted by predatory animals. They often fall victim to death pigs, who hunt by squishing prey with their fat tongues.
Arid Flatlands

Valley Squall

The tallest flightless bird on the planet, valley squalls inhabit the canyons of the Ecela Plains.
Ecela Plains

Tempered Hummingbird

The smallest bird on the planet. Tempered hummingbirds hollow out coral to live in, feeding on the same coral for their entire short lives.
Coral Desert


Another bird capable of producing deafening calls, boloos are highly territorial and divebomb slimes that get too close to their nests.
Epithelial Rhym

Bully Bird

With the largest beak in the world compared to body size, bully birds use it to jab at other birds that try to take food close to them.
Unuth Red Desert

Vibrant Nurd

Small passerines with more colourful than a slime can even comprehend. They gather on small bushes and scream at the top of their lungs.
Unuth Orange Desert

Tawny Wren

The smallest passerine on the planet, they have a drab, yellowish-brown plumage. They live amongst urban areas, feeding on food waste.
Burning Slopes

Bristle-winged Taper

With black tail-feathers as long as a metre, these birds have a habit of sitting on rooftop drain systems and obscuring window views in the mornings.
Nylis Meadows

Opalescent Taper

The rarest of the tapers, these birds have shimmering colourful tail feathers that make them stand out wherever they live.
South Uaelor Coralspikes

Eudan Crane

There are only fifteen eudan cranes left, and they are all in captivity. Unfortunately, it is not looking good for these tiny purple waders.
Gala Reien


A byproduct of arcoraptor farming are arcowrens, small birds that nestle in their feathers. These birds are humanely slaughtered and turned into delicious food.
Ink Kingdom

Hunter's Pheasant

Kept for company by hunters, hunter's pheasants are hunters themselves. They have small claws on their wings that they use to scratch prey.
Carrot Lands


Talks of a giant eagle-like bird flying over the lands have spread through the planet. Turns out, creatures of the same and description name live on Sacaethea.
Uaelor Red Desert

Silverback Booby

Silverback boobies are the only extinct State Bird. They feature on the Unuth Coralspikes charm card, with a logo of the bird in the top-left corner.
Unuth Coralspikes

Mammoth Tern

Mammoth terns are the largest tern species on the planet, reaching over a metre and a half in length. They are bred to aid fisherslimes.
Sparkling Sodalands


A genus of birds from the Dove's Tail Desert, belters are known for their horrific nightly screams which terrify visitors, and annoys the locals.
Dove's Tail Desert

Woolly Phoenix

Not technically a phoenix, but these small passerines can both bring the cold and the heat, by wiggling their feathers to create cold, and vibrating to create heat. Yes, there is a difference.
Blue Plateau

Glorious Bird of Paradise

Males of this species are known for their glamorous mating rituals, which involve making an art piece of the female they intend to mate with.
Epystal Islands

Spotted Swan

The largest swan species on the planet, spotted swans swim in marshes by day, and sleep in treetops by night.
Marsh Forest


The only non-avian on the list, skyrays are actually reptilians. Skyrays drink apalous instead of water, and only come down to drink once every two weeks.
Apalous Desert

Burly Bustard

Primarily land-dwellers, burly bustards can achieve fifty miles per hour running speeds in less than a second, as they conserve their energy 99% of the time.
Eccentric Meadows

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Author's Notes

Piggybacking on Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull's Prompt Lists made during March, I also made a prompt list for birds! I forgot about the prompt lists that were made for months until I reminded myself of them during Summer Camp, so I thought I could twist the prompt list and turn it into an entry itself!

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