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Hex Queen

Slime monarchies are popular on Osao, as they provide the masses with an authoritative figure to look up to. These people have no real power and are purely an object of status, but Hex Queens are greatly valued.


Hex Queens haven't always been looked up to in society. Several thousand years ago, if a slime were to be born with hexagonal cells, they would be looked down upon for being so different to others. Simply referred to as Hex People, women born with hexagonal cells was a very rare occasion and generally happened once every couple of years.

Society gradually changed their perception of Hex People, and a couple hundred years ago the first Hex Queen was appointed. She was appointed leader of the Unuth Glitter Forest, a large light blue biome on the continent Unuth.

More and more Hex Queens were put into power, selected by public voting between various Hex People based on a number of factors. Beauty was a major factor in whom to vote for, since their entire purpose would be as a symbol of their region.

Hexagonal Cells

The Hex People are derived from a particular mutation that seems to only affect slimes. It is a very rare mutation where all of the cells within a slime's body are of a hexagonal shape, regardless of the type of cell. In an ordinary slime body, cells can come in a variety of shapes, but this isn't the case with Hex People.

There is no cause of this, as it is a mutation. It is not a genetically inherited mutation either, so the children of a Hex Person are not more likely to have hexagonal cells. There is a 1 in 100,000 chance of a slime being born with hexagonal cells, and parents do everything in their power to make them stay alive. This usually results in a superiority complex, however.

Hex Ceremony

Hex ceremonies are short and snappy, as the Hex Queens want to be put in their position as fast as possible. The ceremony will begin outside of the Hex Queen's home, typically a large mansion. A long stretch of hardened clay, about thirty feet long, is placed from the entrance to her home. As watchers admire her from either side, she will make her way from her doorway to the end of the clay walkway. As she's walking, admirers will toss flower petals at her, which stick to her slime body. As the soon to be Queen is walking, a throne will be placed at the very end of the walkway.

As soon as she sits down, two admirers will walk up to her and wrap melevines around her arms and neck. As soon as this happens, she becomes Queen.

Royalty, Honorific / Ceremonial
Form of Address
Her Royalty
Related Traditions
Hex Queen Ceremony

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