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in the year 2699 after founding the council (AEC)

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Thousands of years ago, the mankind entered the real world through mirror gates. But the first humans were "born" in Elaqitan. Many myths and legends that we know today from the realm of fairy tales and sagas and that have been passed on from generation to generation originally come from Elaqitan, a world of our earth in another dimension.

From the basic elements of fire, water, air and earth, beings developed who secretly control the fate of the real world. When some humans saw and controlled the power of the elements, they became Homo Elaqitanii. Now they face conquering the remaining continents, subduing the Elaqitanians, and destroying the Tree of Elements that sustains the power and magic of Elaqitan.

With the help of a storybook, a bookworm, and four Elaqitanians, can three brave real-world children save the world of Elaqitan and, with it, the real world from destruction?

Introduction to the world of Elaqitan - Part I
Generic article | Oct 21, 2023
Introduction to the concept of the novel - Part II
Generic article | Oct 21, 2023

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