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Xivin is a natural satellite orbiting Osao, the only one of its kind. It is inhabited by the veel, an species of intelligent reptilians. It is also the site of the Osao Space Legion's Satellite Base.

Geography, Location & Climate

The moon has a very thick atmosphere, leaving little room for proper climates. The atmosphere is infilrated with with sand and dust; the inhabitants use air purifying masks just to breathe. The moon reaches up to 60℃ on the surface, as the atmosphere is so thick sunlight struggles to bounce back into space and is absorbed by the dry landscapes.

There is an incredible lack of water on Xivin. There are only three lakes more than a thousand square metres on the planet, the only places where life thrives. One of these lakes, Lake Kahcihicv, is visible from Osao as it orbits the planet.

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