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Booty Cruise Ship

Pleasure is our No. 1 priority.
— Booty Cruises
The vast majority of cruise ships floating through the oceans of Osao are from the Booty Cruise company. This company and their ships provide the most irresistable spa treatments known to slimes, and at incredibly affordable prices.


The Booty Cruise Ships were first set out to sea in 1893, 245 years before present day. Back then they were nothing more than large boats hosting 2 - 3 people, designed to please only one customer. The high quality of the spa treatments brought in lots of money and attention, and the company adapted to reviews and improved consistently.

Their ship's most famous upgrade came in 1937, when the first Booty Cruise Ship was released to the public. This high-end Cruise ship consisted of 500 workers, and could seat 600 customers ready for two to six months of pleasure.

This cruise ship caught the attention of Slimidn Shsin, a world-famous entrepreneur who advertised the Booty Cruise Ship. In the next year, this company saw triple the number of customers, prompting the release of six new cruise ships.

Design & Interior

All Booty Cruise Ships are identical, with seventeen floors, ten of which are submerged underwater. The outside of the ships are painted black with a pink and yellow flower symbol of the company on either side, distinguishing them from all other cruise ships.

There are a total of twenty large rooms on two floors (Excluding the deck and spa rooms) for entertainment. This includes:

  • Slime Reduction Room
  • Slime Addition Room
  • Dining Room
  • Cinema
  • Ballroom

  • Ten floors are used as luxury apartments for guests, equipped with a kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms, three toilets, a lounge and gaming room. These apartments are designed for prolonged visits, and so contain everything a regular house would.

    Luxury Spa & Pleasure Treatments

    Booty Cruise's motto is "Pleasure is our No. 1 Priority", and they take it seriously. Three floors on each Booty Cruise Ship is dedicated to relaxing saunas and pools, heated loungers, professional massagers that do whole body massages, among many other things.

    Private, sound-proof rooms are also available for singles, couples, and groups of up to 8 people for amorous, erotic activities. Toys and equipment to help are also available and are cleaned and sanitised after every use, ensuring the luxuriousness of this Booty Cruise experience.

    Creation Date
    Released to the public in 1893.
    Owning Organization
    Complement / Crew
    500 Crew Members
    Cargo & Passenger Capacity
    600 Passengers

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    Mar 30, 2023 11:59 by Darren McHaffie

    Lets all all go cruising for some booty.....

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    These sound delightful.. I wonder what giving a slime a full body massage would be like. Squishy, probably.

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    I'm not even sure, but I know I want to do a deep dive into Slime cultures because from an anatomical perspective they're really unique and intriguing and I just know I'd have fun with it xD

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