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Metropolis Volcano

Metropolis Volcano is a large volcano found on Hell. The volcano is named after its incredible population of animals during breeding season, as they all migrate there for an unknown reason.

Location & Geography

Metropolis Volcano is located just north of Chrihaia Lake, in the Northern Hemisphere. Metropolis Volcano dominates over any other mountain or volcano in the area, twice as high as the second tallest natural wonder in a thousand mile radius.


Outside of breeding season, Metropolis Volcano is a peaceful environment. Few animals live on or around the volcano, and those who do are mostly small creatures, such as horned flies.

Breeding Season

Breeding season is the busiest time of year for this volcano. The mountain is so packed with animals that its name comes from the volcano's population during breeding season. Animals from across the planet migrate during the year to this very volcano, and build nesting sites along the mountainside.

Recorded Species:

  • Helsaurus
  • Magmasaurus
  • Frogfish
  • Horned Fly
  • Wingling
  • Fire Frog
  • Day 1: I have been watching from a distance, and the population of creatures on Metropolis Volcano has been steadily increasing by the hour. I'm don't fully know why, but I have a theory that animals are breeding, after seeing a few animals supposedly mating. Rather oddly, I must say.   Day 2: I have set up a small campsite for myself, with a telescope to give myself a clear view of the area around the volcano. I have noted down a handful of species, but I am expecting to see many more soon. I have also captured a few species and have placed them in my research ship, in specialised containers that mimick the local environment, to take back home to study and analyse. I am very excited.
    — Notes from a researcher
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