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Chrihaia Lake

Chrihaia Lake is one of the many, many lava lakes sprinkled around Hell's dangerous, burning landscape. It is one of the largest lava lakes on the planet, sitting just south of Metropolis Volcano, with most of its lava seeping down into the lake whenever it erupts.


Chrihaia Lake is mostly an open expanse of lava, that flows down through seven rivers from all different directions. In the centre, is a ring of land that has risen above the surface of the lava, and now has formed plant life because the temperatures are just cool enough for things to grow. The lake is about 50 metres at its deepest; shockingly shallow for any lava lake on the planet.

Fauna & Flora

The lake hosts quite a variety of creatures, from the gigantic loom to the parasitic finlings.

Natural Resources

Chrihaia Lake's lava is mostly composed of molten bauxite, a rock that is used to extract aluminium. Because of this, large companies have set up extraction sites to take the lava, and extract the aluminium. It is a long process, and so factories are built on the planet around the lava lake to do it all automatically.
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