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Osao's Exploration into Greater Kurhira

The very first slime exploration into space was led by company Starsaught Enterprises. They funded just a single spacecraft into outer space which was a raging success. Starsaught Enterprises led the world in space ventures for the next thirty years before meeting competition. Two other companies, OSE (Osao Space Exploration) and Galacterra also had the same goals of exploring space.

For the next ten years, these three companies battled it out to become the first people to venture beyond the Kurhira System. Galacterra was the first company to do so, spaceship Eremus making it to a neighbouring star, Kavela. The exploration of Greater Kurhira lasted 189 years, where slimes would land on the other ten planets in the solar system, forming allies and rivals alike.


5 DMS to 102 DMS

Discovery of Ivucarro

13/4/5 DMS

The first planet slimes landed on was Ivucarro. Planetary neighbours, Ivucarro is home to a species of hyper-adaptive intelligent snails. The two species quickly bonded thanks to both of them secreting slime. To this day, Ivucarro remains one of Osao's closest allies.

Both metraphites and slimes producing slime led to both species believing that every intelligent species in the Yonderverse also produced slime. Osaoan speculative biology books describe alien species as various forms of slime, and after venturing farther into space, these slimes were left disappointed.

The Starsaught spacecraft contained a crew of seventeen individuals. Two exobiologists were on board to record possible organisms on the neighbouring planet, as there was no definitive evidence of lifeforms before the venture.

Discovery of Cilvarth

2/4/7 DMS

Cilvarth was the second planet to be explored. Its rich culture and history left a mark on those who discovered the planet, rippling throughout slime culture.

Many cilvarthians were welcoming, but some found the slime's appearance unappealing and were not so hospitable.

There were certain expectations on what to find on Cilvarth, and it is safe to say slimes were shocked to see sophontic mammals, as opposed to intelligent balls of slime.

Nevertheless, the first exploration to the planet, a year after the first landing on Ivucarro, left a good first impression for both planets. Cilvarth and Osao remain civil with each other, with little communication between both Space Legions.

Space Race

3/3/20 DMS - 17/7/27 DMS

The Space Race was a seven year long competition to land on every other planet in the Kurhira System. The race between seven different companies led to every single one attempting to build the most durable spacecraft known to slimekind. Unfortunately, only two more planets were landed on before two spacecrafts exploded within space, resulting in the eventual downfall of the battle, with no apparent winners.

The race itself encouraged a petty rivalry between companies still seen today. Two of the companies involved in the Space Race, Manausi and Galacterra, consistently try to break new technological limits.

Planets Hothiri and Sacaethea were explored during the Space Race, with slimes forming a good relationship with the latter. Osao eventually became a refuge for millions of pirate refugees after the Burning Sea War decimated several island countries.

Nalmaria and Beyond

17/7/77 DMS

The Space Race had severely halted space exploration and slimes would not explore any new planets for another fifty-five years. Things picked up speed when a brand spacecraft was designed by Galacterra, which was dominating the industry. This spacecraft could survive the depths of space, reusing its fuel to stay running infinitely.

Thanks to this new spacecraft, slimes were able to explore farther than they possibly could before. Unfortunately, thermal sensors detected supermassive organisms on planet Nalmaria, and so it was never explored.

Galacterra later designed space drones to venture onto Nalmaria, and camera feedback scarred researchers.

After this event, Galacterra turned its sights onto the oceans of Osao, rather than space itself. This sudden shift startled the globe, who were expecting the company to pump out even more technological wonders to explore farther into space.

Both Karkhala and Hell were not landed on, either. Hell's temperatures were too dangerous for slimes to approach, and spacecrafts approaching Karkhala were detained by its native peoples and crew aboard were never seen again. Camera feedback that was managed to be retrieved from the spacecraft showed the vehicle being boarded by large ape-beings, the crew forced to leave the vehicle to an unknown location.

Theria, Xibronoe, Venviri, and outside Kurhira

1/9/102 DMS

While Galacterra's eyes were on planets closer to Afuph, Manausi, OSE, and Starsaught Enterprises were focused on the wider world, exploring planets beyond Osao, and what lies beyond the solar system.

Theria's exploration lasted no more than a single day. Its inhabitants were far from welcoming, seeking out the Osaoan spacecraft that landed in the middle of a rainforest, going so far as to tampering with it to make sure the slimes struggled to leave.

With even more advanced vehicles and technologies, Xibronoe's landing was successful, despite in the middle of a ice storm with wind speeds of up to nine-hundred miles per hour. Samples of laurelite were taken from these storms, quickly fleeing the planet after detecting large lifeforms.

Exploring Venviri proved to be just as troubling. With its whirling tornadoes, sulphur deserts, gaseous volcanoes, and a plethora of other toxic environments, even the squishy, adaptable bodies of slimes had difficulties adjusting. Samples of various minerals, resources, and micro-organisms were taken, to be identified in highly secure research facilities back on Osao.

The exploration of all other planets in the Kurhira System was generally successful, but slimes were not satisfied. After detecting life on planets farther beyond the reaches of their home star, slimes wanted to explore farther and meet new people. While they succeeded in this, not all people were accepting of their physiques and their gelatinous consistencies. Slimes had trouble finding their place in space society, but they are fighting for true equality.


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