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Afuph is the only star present in the Kurhira Solar System. Afuph is approximately 7.5 billion years old, with an estimated 10 billion years before it continues on the Star Life Cycle and becomes a Red Giant.


Afuph is one of the only stars in the Yonderverse to have ever had a sapient species live inside it. 6 billion years ago, when Afuph was just a nebula of gases and a few souls, the Pequunians sought refuge inside it. They were escaping a particularly vicious lordricarr after driving their spacecraft straight into an Astral Sea. They came across the nebula and settled down there, where they constructed a basic city that lasted 5,000 years. Their extinction came when Afuph progressed in the Star Life Cycle and formed a protostar, after a surge of souls pulled all the gases and debris in.

Afuph remained a protostar for 600,000 years, which is fairly long. As gases and debris found itself in the protostar's grip, the little amount of souls could not hold on and Afuph began heating up, and eventually exploded into a main sequence star.

Kurhira Solar System

Afuph is the only star in the Kurhira Solar System. It is orbited by eleven planets, five dwarf planets, seven labyrinth seas and one asteroid belt.


  • Hell
  • Karkhala
  • Nalmaria
  • Sacaethea
  • Hothiri
  • Cilvarth
  • Ivucarro
  • Osao
  • Theria
  • Xibronoe
  • Venviri
  • Dwarf Planets

  • Palas
  • Xuwei
  • Tundiea
  • Eturn
  • Cheania
  • Fauna

    Like most stars, there is little life within Afuph. As previously mentioned, Afuph was home to a sapient species, extremely uncommon for a star, even in its nebula state. Sunfins are a common species within Afuph; these magnificent serpentine beings swim through the golden rivers of the star, scooping the molten metals up in their large mouths.
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