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Mycelial Caverns

The Mycelial Caverns are a complicated set of underground tunnels and pathways that follow the hyphae in the soil and stone beneath the Serukian Shroom. The Mycelial Caverns are home to a race of metraphites known as the mycelials.


The Mycelial Caverns are found directly below the Serukian Shroom, in the warm continent of Fudura, on Ivucarro. As part of the entire fungi's anatomy, this mycelial structure stretches tens of miles around the area, all throughout the soil and stone, even reaching into the mountains in the north. The mycelium is incredibly beneficial to the environments, and wherever the mycelium reaches, the plants and animals are given life-giving, protective energy.

Hyphae City

Hyphae City is the only settlement based in this cave system. Towards the south of the Serukian Shroom, approaching the Windswept Plateaus, is a large cavern that stretches 294 metres from North to South, and 310 metres from East to West.

The city was constructed by a race of metraphites known as the mycelials. These people have adapted to the fungi-based life, and are one with the mycelium, while the maridons live above ground in the mushroom's stem.

Fauna & Flora

Many creatures and plants inhabit these caverns, as the closer they are to the hyphae, the more protected they are from the outside world.

One such creature is the shrill beetle. Shrill beetles make loud shrilling noises by rattling their elytra together, when anything approaches them. Their skittish natures and loud sounds make the tunnels unbearable loud half the time. Despite their natures, they are comfortable around mycelials and only make their shrilling noises when other people approach.

One common plant species is the back-scratcher. Back-scratchers are a hanging vine-like plant that grows from the ceilings. They were named when the discoverers were exploring the tunnels underneath the Serukian Shroom and were "attacked" by these plants, as they described it. They scratched their backs with their sharp spines, hence the name.

Cave System
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So, this seemed like the place to develop my knowledge and understanding of mycelial (having to do with fungus and the like) systems. The reason being that there is a Serukian Shroom on the planet Ivucarro, and a whole cavern system underneath it. The caves are a part of the Serukian along with an impressive root system stretching tends of miles in any direction. I am looking forward to having a look at such an enormous lifeform up close.   Heard that metraphites known as mycelials have constructed a city within the cave system. These people live as one with the Serukian according to this text. I am very excited to get to know a people who are so closely tied to a single location. They say that a rolling stone gathers no moss, so what has this particular stone been able to gather I wonder. They also say the great mushroom is beneficial to the surrounding ecosystem so will be looking into exactly how that is achieved. I have a crazy idea to go with it related to my main problem but will keep to myself for the time being. Don't want to seem too crazy too soon.   I arrived at the caves, and not sure for how long I will try to find the city. A loud shrilling noise has cut my sleep twice now. My previous guide, who couldn't accompany me here because of reasons, left me a book that explains some of the wildlife I will come across here. Thinking its the shrill beetle that's making all that noise. Also the back-scratchers are their own special brand of annoying. Will persist a little longer and hope that isn't too foolish.   Found it. - Nemo, World Traveler

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