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Ivucarro is a small planet in the Kurhira System. Ivucarro is the seventh planet orbiting the star, Afuph.




Fudura is the largest continent out of the four on the planet. It is home to five races of metraphites, including the maridons. On average it is the hottest continent, at 45 degrees Celsius.


Leucinia is the smallest continent on the planet. It is named after the leucenites that inhabit the continent, and are the most populated race of metraphites on Ivucarro.


Uduran is the second smallest continent on Ivucarro. It is a tropical rainforest continent, populated with thousands of small islands. These islands are inhabited by three different metraphite races.


Ophoth is the second largest continent on Ivucarro. It is located on the South Pole, and is by far the coldest continent on the planet, at -20 degrees on average.

Fauna & Flora


There are over twenty million animal species identified by metraphites. These animals range from the shrill beetles of the Mycelial Caverns to the gargantuan crimson stingrays that float in the skies. The fauna species on the planet are incredibly diverse, thanks to the abundance of different climates.


Metraphites are the only sapient species to live on Ivucarro. These intelligent gastropods are hyper-adaptive, meaning they will adapt to their environments with incredible speed. If a metraphite from somewhere moved to a new location with a different environment, their children will be perfectly suited to the new environment.

Metraphites live in nineteen colonies on the planet, each appearing completely different. Some live underground, such as the mycelials, some live on the ground in forest environments, and some even survive in the sky on large floating clouds.


There are over thirty million plant species identified my metraphites, with 70% of flora species endemic to Uduran. A shocking amount of flora species are carnivorous, about 5% of all plant species on the planet.

Every single plant species on Ivucarro produce flowers, no matter how tiny or impressively large they are.

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